How to Locate a Power Wheelchair Serial Number

Are you having a hard time locating the serial number on your power wheelchair? Though there are many types of powerchairs, all kinds of different makes, and styles. But the one thing they share in common is they all have a serial number! Here we will help you to locate it.

How To Find The Serial Number on my Electric Wheelchair

If you’re sitting there looking at your power chair asking yourself “where is the serial number located on my wheelchair” then this article is for you. You might be frustrated by searching all over the place but do not be discouraged, it is very simple to find. All serial numbers will be located on the bottom side of the chair, under the cover ( body ) wheelchair. Taking apart a wheelchair is more complicated than a scooter so the serial number should be visible without taking anything apart. Please refer to the two pictures below. One is a Shoprider wheelchair and the serial number is located just under the cover and attached to the frame. The other picture is from a Pride Jazzy, this serial number is located on the post for the seat just under the cover. All you have to do for this is lift up the cover. ( no tools ) 

I would recommend taking a picture then zooming in to read the number

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