How long do power wheelchair batteries last?

If you think your power chair needs new batteries, you might be right. On average, batteries last for 1.5 to 2 years if you use the power chair daily. Utilizing best practices for battery care will help you get the most out of your battery or batteries and we encourage you to read your user manual to figure our how to properly care for your mobility product. User manuals are available on every product page of our website in the general description area that is titled User Manual Downloads.

When customers call in asking “what is the average lifespan for electric wheelchair batteries?” we first ask them if they use the unit on a daily basis or not. Users that don’t user their wheelchair daily often get up to 2.5 years of life from their power chair but you must leave the batteries unplugged when the chair is not going to be used.

Then we ask them if they usually wait until the batteries are completely drained before charging them often. If you wait for your batteries to drain before charging them, your batteries will not last you nearly as long. Its best practice to start charging your battery when it reaches 25% capacity.

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