How Long Do Mobility Scooter Batteries Last?

A lot of customers ask as what the average life expectancy of a battery for a mobility scooter is and the answer varies depending on how often you use it. Typically speaking, batteries for mobility scooters will last about 1.5 to 2 years if used on a daily basis. If they are not used on a daily basis, then you might get up to 3 years out of a battery that is treated with care. Best practices include using your scooter when the charge is above 25%, it the battery charge is below 25% you should stop using it and begin charging.

Most chargers are “smart chargers” so you don’t need to disconnect the charger after it reaches a full charge. If you have a very old scooter then you may want to only charge your battery until it is fully charged and then disconnect the charger as soon as possible to avoid over charging.

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