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Swing Away Feature For Vehicle Lifts – Explained

Quite often, we are asked about vehicle lifts for mobility scooters and vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs. There is often a misunderstanding of what the swing away feature does and why it is beneficial. First, it is very important to understand that this feature is usually only advantageous for those who have a SUV, Van, or Truck. In some instances, people that have cars may want a swing-away option for better access to their trunk. It is far more common that the swing away feature is meant for SUVs, Vans, or Trucks.

swing away vehicle lift for mobility scootersUsually, some things are easier to explain with the help of a picture. As you can see by the image to the left, you’ll see that the platform portion of the mobility scooter vehicle lift is in the swing-away position. It has effectively allowed the owner to gain entry into the rear portion of the SUV. If the vehicle lift did not have this feature, you would not be able to easily access the cargo area as the platform would be affixed directly behind the door preventing it from operating.

Not being able to utilize your vehicle can have several drawbacks so if it is at all possible, it is always recommended that you opt for the swing-away option. Vehicle lifts are difficult to return because they are specific to your car. The manufacturer of the lift verifies all orders prior to shipment so they cannot be returned.

There are several types of swing-away lifts for vehicles and the right one will depend on several different factors such as the year, make, and model of your vehicle. Another important factor will be the type of mobility device you have (either mobility scooter or power wheelchair). You can always head over to the vehicle compatibility calculator found on Harmar’s website.

Video of the Harmar AL-100 Vehicle Lift w/Swing Away Option

In fact, we even have a video that showcases the swing away vehicle lift for scooters and wheelchairs that can you show you the unit in operation. Check out the video below. It showcases the Harmar AL-100 vehicle lift with swing away option.

How to Pay Less for Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lifts with Swing Away Options

To pay less for a mobility scooter vehicle lift with the swing away option, you’ll want to be sure you are dealing with a company who advertises at MAP. That stands for the minimum advertised price and is a price set by the manufacturers. If you were to reduce the price by even a penny, you face the risk of getting banned from selling that manufacturer’s products. Our relationship with Harmar enables us to sell at MAP pricing.

You can even check if we have any general coupons or seasonal coupons to save even more money! If you are unsure as to which vehicle lift would fit on your car, feel free to give us a call so one of our friendly reps can help you choose a lift for your vehicle that is guaranteed to work with your product.