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Mobility Scooter Lifts for SUVs

Mobility scooter lifts for SUVs are growing in popularity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise according to Jato which calls it a global SUV boom. Despite SUVs getting larger and larger, it actually makes it harder to load a mobility scooter into the SUV. Getting an SUV mobility scooter lift will make traveling to and from destinations much easier. You can opt to have either a mobility scooter lift that goes on the hitch or an internal vehicle lift.

Choosing Between a Hitch Mount SUV Lift vs Trunk-Mount

mobility scooter lift for suvsChoosing between a hitch mount mobility scooter SUV lift vs an internal mount depends on a few factors. First, the hitch class. In short, the hitch class is the strength of the hitch. The better the hitch class, the more weight it can carry. For instance, if you have a smaller SUV like a Honda CRV then you may not be able to use a hitch mount lift that carries a 400lb mobility scooter. One downside to a hitch mount is the fact that it makes the vehicle physically longer. The mobility scooter lift for SUVs will be on the rear of the vehicle. You should ask how long it will make the vehicle. The reason why this is important is that if you park in your garage and have a larger SUV using a hitch mount lift may cause your SUV to not fit into the garage. By clicking the blue link, you can view all of the mobility scooter lifts for SUVs on our website. Note: Feel free to call an associate at Mobility Scooters Direct who will check your hitch class for you and check compatibility. 

trunk mount mobility scooter lift for suvsFurther, if you live in an environment where the weather is constantly changing, you may prefer a trunk-mounted mobility scooter lift. This would keep the mobility scooter inside of your SUV. For those that want to keep their scooters in pristine condition, this may be a good option.

Keep in mind that you can use an outdoor cover to protect the scooter from sun rays, rain, snow, and more. A cover is not the same as the scooter being inside your SUV. However, you should be sure to measure the dimensions to ensure the scooter can fit inside your vehicle. If you have a large heavy-duty mobility scooter, this may not be a fit and you will have to look into the hitch mount options. As you can see in the image to the right, this is a travel scooter that is being lifted to be placed in the cargo area of the SUV.

Checking Mobility Scooter SUV Lift Compatability

Checking the compatibility of your mobility scooter and hitch is simple. You can head over to Harmar’s website by clicking this link. It will bring you directly to the compatibility calculator so you can check what lift is compatible with your car as well as the scooter.

If you have any questions or do not have a scooter yet and want a professional recommendation you can call one of our knowledgeable sales associates who will help you at no charge! Lastly, you can also ask for any coupons that are available. If you purchase a mobility scooter along with a mobility scooter lift for SUVs you can request a package deal.