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Yes, You Can Still Exercise While in a Wheelchair!

Exercise Your Body as well as Your Mind.

exercise in a wheelchairIf you spend most of your time confined to a wheelchair or a mobility scooter, you may start to notice that your muscles are beginning to weaken. How can you stay in good physical and mental health when this is the case? Although you may not have the ability to get up and do many exercises, you can still benefit from working out while seated in the chair. Exercise is not only important for the body but for the mind as well. Talk to your doctor about possibly having a physical therapist come to your home to teach you how to exercise properly while in your chair. After a basic evaluation, the therapist can then show you many exercises that will improve your health. By performing daily exercises, you will begin to notice that you have more energy and a better overall outlook on life.

Enjoy Freedom with the Help of a Mobility Scooter.

When you have the freedom that comes with mobility, you can enjoy venturing out into the community. A scooter such as the Ventura DLX 3 wheel mobility scooter can provide you with the independence needed to travel outside of your home. With this capability, you can be more social and enjoy friends and family. When you are out visiting friends or at the store, your body, as well as your mind, will both getting healthy exercise. By visiting with family, you are reaching out to give loving hugs, if you are at the store; you are reaching for your items. You can even find classes in your area that cater to people with mobility issues. In these types of classes, you can learn different ways to exercise your body, and at the same time, you will be meeting new people and making new friends. Just because you are limited in your mobility does not mean that you need to stay at home. Get out and enjoy life!

What to Know When Starting an Exercise Regimen.

914530B_dWhen you start an exercise regimen, it is important to discuss it with your doctor first. Based on your diagnosis, there are sometimes exercises that you shouldn’t do. Many people use a wheelchair or mobility scooter because they just cannot get
around like they used to. When you begin an exercise program, you will need to start off slowly to build your endurance. When you exercise from your chair, you may not believe that you are helping your body. But in fact, you are! A person with limited mobility can perform many types of cardiovascular exercises which raise the heart rate and increases endurance. These types of exercises may include working with hand weights, ankle weights, bands, or balls. By following an exercise program including these types of tools, the user can improve motor function, muscle performance, as well as stretch and strengthen their muscles. Before you know it, you will easily be able to handle getting out and about.

Keep Safe While Working Out.

Safety first! When working out from a seated position, make sure that the mobility scooter or wheelchair is stable. Depending on which exercises that you are performing, check the wheel locks to ensure safety. Remember to keep your breathing even, and stop to rest when you need to. Drinking water in between exercises is important to staying hydrated and refreshed. Also, rotate your workouts. Since there are many exercises that you can accomplish from a seated position, you won’t become bored repeating the same workouts all of the time. Not only can you perform cardiovascular maneuvers, but also strengthening and flexibility exercises as well. Strength exercises will improve the limitations with your muscles and bones and, will provide for better balance and stability. Flexibility exercises are important for a range of motion. When you perform these types of exercises, you will notice less pain and stiffness in your body.

Positive Effects of Staying Physically Active.

There are many positive effects of eating right and working out. Being physically active can benefit you by:
• Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
• A healthy diet and exercise can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes
• Research shows exercise can reduce the risk of developing colon and breast cancer.
• Strengthen your bones and muscles.
• Exercise will slow the loss of bone density.
• Your mental health and mood will improve.
• Working out increases your chances of living a fuller, healthier life.
• Have the ability to do more daily activities.
• Increases endurance.

Mobility Scooters Direct.com is not just about giving people with mobility issues the best equipment. This company also cares about its customers. If you need help deciding on a lift chair or other medical equipment that will benefit your life, feel free to chat with us online or call us directly. One of our knowledgeable and friendly team members will be happy to assist you.
If you would like to learn about the benefits of exercising and the best workouts to do while remaining seated, click on the links provided below.

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