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Mobility Scooter Recommendations for the Morbidly Obese

NOTE: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are out of date or discontinued. To see our up-to-date selection of mobility products, visit our online shop and click on the “heavy duty mobility scooters” menu tab. You can also call or chat with our friendly sales staff, they can help you choose a product that is the right fit for your needs.

Having difficulty traveling from one place to another? For the morbidly obese, travel can dissuade them from being as productive as they would like to be during the average weekday. While moderate obesity has been plateauing since 2005, morbid obesity, on the other hand, has been steadily increasing, according to the International Journal of Obesity.

Our company has received increased sales from this subsection of the country to alleviate their difficulties in travel. Their success is paramount to ours; therefore, this article will provide mobility scooter recommendations for the morbidly obese, based upon previous customer satisfaction and the best industry news.

Best Mobility Scooters for the Morbidly Obese

Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility ScooterTo kick off our list is a recent addition to our inventory that has been flying off our shelves. The Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter is an ideal model for the obese, having a weight capacity of 450 lbs. This model is extremely durable, being a heavy-duty mobility scooter; yet despite is capacity to take damage from lackluster conditions, this non-bulky model has a maximum speed of 7.5 mph! This model truly flies, with its excellent maximum speed. The most unique aspect of this mobility scooter is its capabilities for travel. The driver can travel for up to 55 miles without having to recharge the mobility scooter! Having both speed and travel range is an unlikely combination that continues to impress our legions of customers who purchased this model. The mobility scooter originally had an MSRP of $6998, however, it is currently listed with a 30 percent discount, saving the buyer $2249 on the final price. Alternatively, we’re offering easy approval for financing, which starts at $418 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR. Rarely, is such an opportunity present—both a high performing model and priced reasonably.

Royale 4 HD Mobility Scooter 4-WheelAnother model to consider is the Royale 4 HD Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. This is amongst our most stable models during the driving test, as the mobility scooter quickly adjusts to unevenness on the sidewalk and plains with its balanced four wheels. This is important because the last thing a driver needs is to worry about having their mobility scooter flip over! A second admirable quality of this model is the generous weight capacity. This model is perfect for the morbidly obese as it can hold 450 lbs. Despite the high weight capacity, the mobility scooter can travel at a maximum speed of 9.3 mph—a rare feat for a mobility scooter that can hold an inordinate amount of weight. Additionally, this model can travel without an additional charge for 32 miles. Currently, this model is priced at $4415—a slight 10 percent discount. This mobility scooter is also eligible for financing, which starts at $389 at a 10 percent APR for 12 months. To ensure that the model is perfect for the owners, additional accessories can be included to customize the order. This can include a weatherproof cover ($140), a large rear basket ($170), and more!

EV Rider Royale 3 GT 3-Wheel Mobility ScooterA third model to consider is the EV Rider Royale 3 GT 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. This model has a high weight capacity of 450 lbs. The mobility scooter doesn’t sacrifice on comfort, as it is equipped with a 20” folding captain’s seat, which is known as one of the most comfortable seats on the market. The mobility scooter from EV Rider has an excellent one-two punch, as the model can travel up to 32 miles without an additional charge at a maximum speed of 9.3 mph. With this mobility scooter, you’ll never have to worry about being late again! A unique feature of this model is that it is recommended for golf outings as well. The wheels are designed to comfortably travel nine to 18 holes on often variable course conditions. As of the time of publication, this mobility scooter is nearly 10 percent off of its MSRP, saving the buyer a cool $400, as it is listed for $4775. For those interested in financing, the model can be purchased for $420 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR. A cool promotion we’re currently offering is a free cup holder and arm bag with the purchase of this mobility scooter.

The fourth recommended model to consider is the Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter. Coming in a hot red, this model gives off the appearance of a blur as it travels at a maximum speed of 11 mph. The owner of this vehicle will never be late again. The weight capacity on the model is equally excellent as it can hold 450 lbs. The travel range is lengthy, capable of covering 35 miles without an additional charge. Originally, this would be priced at its MSRP of $10005. However, as our company has significantly less overhead than our competition, we’re pricing this model at $5249, which is a saving of nearly 50 percent. If you prefer paying overtime, this model is eligible for a 10 percent APR for 12 months at a price of $462 per month.

Lastly, consider one of the best value buys currently on the market. The Golden Avenger Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel is priced at $2999—15 percent off of the MSRP. This inexpensive model that insurance companies love is ideal for the morbidly obese as the model has a weight capacity of 500 lbs.! In addition to generous weight capacity, this model performs well in other areas too. The maximum speed is 7 mph; the turning radius is 67”; and the travel range is an efficient 18 miles.

Buy a Mobility Scooter

To purchase one of the excellent models listed within this article, simply follow the hyperlink that will take you to the model’s page on the website. We’re eager to pair you with the perfect mobility scooter—but we also understand that each customer is unique. Therefore, if you find you need additional assistance, feel free to engage in a Live Chat or call one of our skilled representatives at (877) 721-7748.