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Buying & Selling Used Power Wheelchairs


How Can I Sell a Used Electric Wheelchair? Who buys used power wheelchairs? These are questions that we get all the time… Many customers ask us if we buy back power chairs or if we know of any companies that will buy electric wheelchairs (or mobility scooters) that are second hand because they had a product that belonged to their elderly loved one who is no longer around anymore. It’s a sad and difficult situation to be in and we wanted to help when we received these inquiries. In the past, you could use the newspaper to post a classified ad but sadly nowadays not too many people read the paper. Most people, simply go online to search for things.

An Online Classified Ads Site Only For Mobility Products

Until recently, we did not have a solution for these mobility product owners that turned to us looking for help with selling their second-hand mobility products. Now, we have found a great online platform where users can upload images, set an asking price and post information about their mobility products that they post a classified ad for. The platform is called “BullSellWheelchairs.com“. It’s a great way to save money for those buying and a great way to make some cash from a product that is no longer being used and simply taking up space.

companies that buy used power chairs

The website-based platform is designed specifically to sell used powered-mobility products and it attracts many potential buyers from all over the country. The best part about this classified ads website is that it’s only $5 to list your product for sale! We’ve heard great things about www.buysellwheelchairs.com and we encourage you to check it out if you have a second-hand electric wheelchair or any used mobility product that you’re looking to sell.

The way the website works is easy – All you need to do is create an account and then list your products for sale. The site is very easy to use, even someone who is not internet-savvy can figure out how to list a product for sale in less than 10 minutes.

Once your product is listed, your product will be displayed to users who are searching for a used product on the site and hopefully sold at a price that you’re asking for. The website offers a basic $5 listing and a premium listing for $20 to show up at the top of the recommended products in the respective category that the product belongs in. There are categories for each type of mobility product like example handicap scooters, electric wheelchairs, lift chairs, stairlifts, etc.

How Much Should I Sell My Used Power Chair or Mobility Scooter For?

Below is a very general graph that shows the average depreciation of a mobility product over time. It’s a very simplified illustration that is used to show a range of depreciation over years for products based on their original purchasing price. There is no real science behind the numbers, it is actually taken from numbers that represent used vehicle depreciation with a slight modification to the purchasing price.

used electric wheelchairsIn most cases, used power chairs or handicap scooters are classified as open-box (never actually used), slightly used, used and scrap for parts. If your product has noticeable wear-and-tare then you might want to consider selling it for 50% or less of what you paid as most people tend to want to save a lot of money when buying something that could potentially need repairs in the near future. Items that are open-box or slightly used can be sold for around 65% – 75% of the original purchasing price in most cases.

Every product is different, every brand is different too. The recommendations we provide are simply estimating selling price ranges that we have seen work in the past based on customer feedback. We recommend looking online to get familiar with new and used pricing from dealers online and in-person to see what a good selling or buying price would be for the make and model that you have. If you would like to get an estimated price for a used product, feel free to call us and our staff may be able to help.

How to Buy a Used Power Wheelchair or Other Mobility Device?

Whenever you purchase a used product online, you need to cautious. Many people out there will try and sell a unit that is defective without disclosing the fact that it has a defect. In some cases, products are being sold by owners who did not even know that the product had a defect. In general, you take a gamble when you purchase something used as opposed to new but on the bright side, you save a substantial amount of money purchasing it.

Our recommendation is to download and thoroughly read the user manual for the used product that you’re considering. Once you know how the product is supposed to perform based on the user manual and other forms of research that you perform, you should be better prepared to ask questions and inspect the item you’re considering.

Our website has a ton of information for most of the modern mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and other powered mobility products. All you need to do is go to our online shop and search for the make and model you’re interested in buying. When you find the product you’re considering, you can look up specs, descriptions, user manuals, pictures, videos and more right from our product page.

I Need To Sell My Power Chair Quickly, What Do I Do?

Selling a used mobility product is easy, all you need to do is have a camera or smartphone that takes pictures as well as a computer to access the web (which you already have if you’re reading this). First, you need to identify the product serial number, make and model. You will also want to take many pictures and videos if possible of the entire product from top to bottom so that your buyer can feel confident that the product is in the condition it is listed as. Once you do that, it’s up to you to create the listing in its entirety, add a relevant title and description for your product that you are listing for sale.

Try to gather as much info about the product as possible and include all of the details you can gather about your used product. The potential buyer is going to want to know as much as possible about the product before buying a used product that doesn’t come with a fresh factory warranty. If you take time to set up a great product listing that includes as much information as possible, you will save time in the long run from prospects that call or email you with questions.