The Top 10 Travel Friendly Places for the Disabled

We all deserve to experience the best the world has to offer, regardless of whether we are disabled or not. For the former, this article will provide the top 10 travel friendly places for the disabled. These places are in various areas, such as beaches and theme parks.

Not only do these places provide a wealth of fun experiences, they also are accessibility friendly. The Merits Health P183 Heavy-Duty Folding Power Wheelchair is a recommended power wheelchair to bring along with you on these various travel options.

Wheelchair Accessible Beaches

For many people, relaxing on a beach and splashing in the water are the first images that come to mind when considering a vacation. Accessible beach wheelchairs, boardwalks and beach mats contribute to friendly place for the disabled.

Our tenth selection is Hanauma Bay, which is in Honolulu, HI. The area is gorgeous, with water that is the perfect temperature and sands that are like walking on air. This location loans free beach wheelchairs to visitors with mobility constraints. A second location is the Avalon and Stone Harbor beaches in New Jersey, which has excellent boardwalks and beach wheelchairs by reservation.

Wheelchair Accessible Theme Parks

Theme parks are amongst the most loved destinations for families — especially those with small children. It is important to have your physician provide the nature of the disability you or a member of your family has — presented at Guest Services office — to have services such as a boarding pass or fast pass.

Our eightieth recommendation is Morgan’s Wonderland, which is in San Antonio, TX. This theme park holds the designation as the only theme park in the world where all rides are accessible for guest with disabilities. Admission is relatively inexpensive, perfect for visitors on a budget.

The seventh recommendation is Disney World, a park in Orlando, FL that is known for its accommodation features for guest that have special needs. The park has guides for guests with disabilities. Visitors to the park will love the sensory experience such as fireworks in the evening or meeting with beloved Disney characters during the daytime.

Exploring Nature with Disabilities

Exploring nature can be euphoric for guests with disabilities. The open air is a relief for many who are used to living in cities as is the view of the vast expanse of nature.

A recommended location — sixth on our list — is Rocky Mountain National Park, which is nearby Estes Park, CO. This location has trails that are assessable for those with disabilities, well-kept boardwalks, and spacious campsites.

The Best Museums for those with Disabilities

Museums are a fun way to improve your knowledge on important artifacts, whether they be historical or new. Specialized guides can help those with disabilities understand the information on display.

Our firth recommendation is to visit Ann Arbor, MI to experience The University of Michigan Museum of Art. Some have stated that the museum provides an excellent immersion into multiple continents throughout the world.

Our fourth recommendation to consider is London, England, which has two of the best museums for those who are disabled. The Science Museum was recognized as one of England’s most accessible visitor attractions in 2010; while the Tate Modern Museum provides wheelchairs, sing language multimedia guides and audio guides, and touch tours for visitors who have disabilities.

Both London museums are intellectually stimulating. The Science Museum, for instance, has an IMAX 3D Theatre that is free for disabled visitors, where interactive and immersive programs are shown.

Specialized Tour and Programs for the Disabled

Simple packages for vacations are an excellent method to best experience a new area. Our third recommended travel friendly places is the experience, Access 2 Africa Safaris. These tours, which are in South Africa, are wheelchair accessible. Places to spend the night are determined by the specific impairments guests have.

Exploring the outdoors has never been so fun. Those who take these trips have commented that seeing the animals up close is an experience that they cherish. At all times, guest are safe with knowledgeable tour guides.

Our second place recommendation is The National Ability Center, which is in Park City, UT. The center offers athletic camps for people who have special needs, including their family members. These are so much fun!

As the program provides, “The National Ability Center empowers individuals of all abilities by building self-esteem, confidence and lifetime skills through sport, recreation and educational programs.” This is a fantastic location regardless of the season of travel, for instance, biking in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Finally, our number one location is the Skydeck, which is in downtown Chicago, IL. Accompanied the adventure is a laid back tour of the Willis Tower, along with an impeccable view of Lake Michigan and Chicago. In addition to the amazing view, within the vicinity boosts unbelievably delicious restaurants.

Power Wheelchairs for the Top 10 Travel Friendly Places for the Disabled

When exploring one of the unique areas recommended within this article, it is also recommended to have an excellent handicapped person power wheelchair for the journey.

The Merits Health P183 Heavy-Duty Folding Power Wheelchair is the best option to accompany you on your travels. This handicapped person power wheelchair can handle tough travel conditions, as it is both sturdy and reliable. It can easily navigate from beaches to the boardwalk, as well as rough terrains.

Another excellent feature of the model is the ability to be folded with ease. This is an important feature for travel. It is good for travel by SUV as the power chair for sale can be placed in the trunk without sacrificing too much space that is need for luggage. The electric wheelchair is also great for travel by airplane — it moves quickly through airports and can be stowed away on the airplane. Thirdly, when visiting these destinations, the power chair can move in and out of trains or other local forms of transportation. It is currently on a 75 percent discount, sold for $2,425.