Miami Dade County Employment Opportunities For People with Disabilities

As part of our mission to help individuals with disabilities in any way we can, we’re providing a list of employment resources to individuals with disabilities that reside in Miami Dade County. Please feel free to share this information with anyone that may find it useful.

Under the protection of the American’s with Disabilities Act, you have the right to equal employment opportunities. Employers are required to provide you with accommodations based on your disability under the ADA and as a person with a disability it is important that you are educated on the laws and requirements for employers that employ someone with a disability. This page is a resource for individuals with disabilities to find information related to employment such as PDF down loads, Documents, resource links to useful articles on trusted sites and more. All references are manually verified and approved by our team of moderators to ensure your protection and safety while browsing the web, please do not send requests to add links unless you are a truly providing a useful resource for disabled students or non-students seeking employment opportunities or information.