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Buying & Selling Used Mobility Scooters


As an online dealer, we receive several inquiries a day from people who are looking to find a company that buys mobility scooters. Most online dealers do not deal with used products, typically only local medical product stores do and they usually have very limited inventory…

While we are not considered a company that buys mobility scooters back, we do have a recommended solution for those looking to sell used units. There’s an online platform where you can list your used handicap scooter for sale for only $5. This online platform is called buysellwheelchairs.com and it receives hundreds of thousands of visitors looking to buy second-hand mobility scooters!

companies that buy used mobility scooters

Not only do we refer all of our online shoppers that are looking for used products to that website, many other online dealers do as well because they don’t sell used products either.

How Much is My Used Mobility Scooter Worth?

If you’re asking yourself “How much can I sell my mobility scooter for?” the answer may not be as simple as you’d like to think. There are a lot of variables at play like the make, model, condition etc… Like most products, after its opened and out of the box it already loses some of its value. After a few months of use, it loses more value, a year or two later you might only be able to sell your senior citizen or disability scooter for half of the original purchasing price. Below is a simplified graph that we’ve created by using some data provided by the KBB. It’s can give you a visual idea of how to value your used item before listing it for sale on any marketplace.

used mobility scooters

When you come up with a price value that you feel is fair for yourself and a potential buyer, you can get started with listing your item for sale on the buysellwheelchairs.com website. It’s a very easy process and we encourage you to give it a try.

How Can I Sell My Used Handicap Scooter?

To sell your used disability scooter on the website, simply create an account and follow the steps to get your account verified. Once your account is verified, you simply add a product for sale with all of the information that is required. Required information includes a minimum of 1 image, a product description, the make & model of the unit as well as the serial number.

Once your product listing is completed, you’ll be able to see your product on the website listed for sale. Users will start to notice your listing and hopefully end up purchasing it at the price you’re asking for. Users can also make offers on the product that is lower than your asking price so you can negotiate with potential buyers.

What About Local Companies That Buy Mobility Scooters?

Local companies typically have high overhead and operating expenses that make it hard to pay top dollar for used mobility products. On top of that, most local companies already get returns from customers that they are trying to sell so most of the time they’re not interested in taking in more used inventory.

If you’re 100% set on selling your product locally, we recommend searching for a dealer on Google Maps to see if any of the local dealers in your area will buy used products. If you don’t have any luck, check out the recommended online platform and you may have better luck. Many of our happy customers have had luck selling their older models before making an upgrade so they can save money on the new model they want. It’s a great solution and we’re thankful that our customers have the option to now sell back the products they once bought from us.