Why Does My Pride Go-Go Mobility Scooter Beep?

The Pride Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel is one of the best mobility scooters sold from Mobility Scooters Direct. The quality mobility scooter preforms excellently whether the driver needs to travel indoors or outdoors, adjusting to the sensitivities of the terrain with expertise.

However, one of the questions that our technicians are asked is why does my Pride Go-Go Sport mobility scooter beep? The beeping sounds are complicated because the beeps may occur twice, four times, and as many as seven times! But do not be alarmed. These beeps are not catastrophic; rather, they are simple reminders to ensure the travel mobility scooter maintains its impressive ability to perform.

Deciphering the Pride Go-Go Sport Beeps

The Pride Go-Go Sport is a leader in the field of travel mobility scooters, whether it be in performance, comfortability or as simple as warning the Pride Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter 3-Wheeldriver to adjustments needed to take to maintain its brilliant form.

If you hear two beeps from the Pride Go-Go Sport, then the battery voltage is too low to operate the mobility scooter for traveling, according to the mobility scooter forum. The solution to this problem is to completely charge the Pride Go-Go Sport until the meter on the device indicates completion.

Another beeping occurrence is three consecutive times, which means the battery voltage of the mobility scooter for traveling is too high to operate the Pride Go-Go Sport. While rare, should the 3 wheel mobility scooter beep three times, we recommend reaching out to an authorized Pride Dealer.

Another scenario where the Pride Go-Go Sport may beep is five times. Should the scooter for the handicap beep five times, then the “solenoid brake trip has occurred,” according to the Mobility Scooter Direct knowledge base. Therefore, the freewheel level may have been placed in the freewheel position.

However, there is no need to panic if the Pride Go-Go Sport has beeped five times. To solve this occurrence, perform the following three steps:

  • Remove the key;
  • Push the manual freewheel level to the drive position; and
  • Restart your Pride Go-Go Sport.

After taking those steps, your Pride Go-Go Sport should be running smoothly once again.

Finally, customers have asked our technicians, ‘why does my Pride Go-Go Sport scooter beep seven times?’ Should the quality mobility scooter beep seven times, then this is a throttle trip. It is either a speed potentiometer fault or a throttle potentiometer fault. We advise calling your Pride Mobility authorized dealer because there is no simple solution to this problem.

The Best Travel Mobility Scooter

The Pride Go-Go Sport is an amazing travel mobility scooter, weighing a mere 120 lbs. while having the ability to support a weight capacity of 325 lbs. This is a great mobility scooter to take on trips, being simple to travel with and providing excellent performance on a diverse range of terrains.

In an indoor environment, like a nice hotel, the Pride Go-Go Sport moves swiftly through the building with a tight 36″ turning radius. The driver will need not to worry about colliding with other people or furniture within the hotel.

Likewise, the Pride Go-Go Sport is also a strong performer on outside terrain. With a 3.00″ ground clearance, the travel mobility scooter can expertly SAVE MONEY TODAYgo up steep hills without running into problems.

The maximum speed on this 3 wheel mobility scooter, which uses rear-wheel drive, is nearly 5 miles per hour. This long distance mobility scooter can cover nearly 13 miles per complete charge with 12V 18AH batteries.

Purchase this affordable mobility scooter for $1,229, which reflects a discount of over 30 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the cheap mobility scooter starts at $109 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Previous customers of the Pride Go-Go Sport wrote positive mobility scooter reviews. “I bought this scooter in January and I use it all the time,” said Karla Garney, who gave the travel mobility scooter five stars. “It is excellent! I could not be happier with any other scooter. The ride, the battery, everything about it has made my life much better.”

Brian Baker gave the Pride Go-Go Sport five stars in his review. “The scooter’s very easy to disassemble for transport in your car (if you don’t have a rear lift assembly),” said Baker. The seat swivels. It zips along at the pace of a very fast walk. It’ll go a long ways before needing a recharge, several miles.”

It’s very attractive,” said Baker, “with interchangeable color panels. The handlebar is adjustable as to angle, making it very easy to set it at an angle that allows me to transport both the munchkin and me and still handle the controls reliably… Everything I was looking for in personal transport. A solid 5 stars, as to quality, performance, and value for the buck.”

This awesome looking mobility scooter comes in red and blue interchangeable panels, giving it a sleek design that provides the best first and subsequent impressions on friends, family and acquaintances.

Purchase a Pride Go-Go Sport for Fantastic Travel Experiences

The Pride Go-Go Sport is an excellent 3 wheel mobility scooter that will alert the driver should any problem arise when traveling from one place to another. This article addressed those tedious beeps that rarely occur while also highlighting some of the features that make the Pride Go-Go Sport one of the best mobility scooters on the market.

To learn more about the travel mobility scooter, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled technicians from Mobility Scooters Direct, by calling (877) 721-7748 during our office hours — 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST during weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during weekends.

“Travel mobility scooters help enable people to travel greater distances and feel more comfortable upon their arrival by allowing them to stay mobile while on vacation or any kind of trip,” as our website provides. “You will be able to visit friends, go shopping and enjoy life when you find the right travel mobility scooters for sale.”