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Pride Pursuit XL PMV Review – 4-Wheel is the Best Mobility Scooter

Note: The Pride Pursuit has been Discontinued

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV review will be done by various owners of this 4-wheel mobility scooter. A top mobility scooter on the market has helped seniors and people with disabilities increase their independence while maintaining the lifestyle they love. Pride is the most popular mobility scooter manufacturers so they are well-known for building superior products along with backing their products.

One Pride Pursuit XL PMV mobility scooter review will include Paula M. If you ask her opinion on the best mobility scooter on the market, she would say that the Pride Pursuit XL PMV 4-Wheel is a superior mobility scooter that has exceeded her needs.

Paula, 72 years old, loves to volunteer at a local school. She also values the time she can witness the activities of her grandchildren.

But, with bad legs and feet, the 250-pound women found her independence increasingly challenged. But, the Volga, South Dakota, woman found a solution.

Paula loves the “ease of operation, smooth ride, good looking machine” that her Pride Pursuit XL PMV review exudes. It has allowed her to take back her life.

Pride Pursuit XL PMV Review – Quality Mobility Scooter Helps Keep Seniors on the Move

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV has been engineered for powerful performance while having a sleek, exceptional style. The performance is one of the main reasons why customers commonly choose this product.

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV moves quickly, reaching maximum speeds of 7.5 miles per hour. The travel speed will help users reach their destinations more quickly when the man or women need to be somewhere soon.

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV is equipped with either two Group 24 75 AH batteries or two Group 27 100 AH batteries. The long-distance mobility scooter has a travel range of 22 miles with the former or 27 miles with the latter.

While moving quickly and for long distances, the user can rest assured that it is unlikely to have any problems with the terrain. The 13-inch pneumatic tires on both the front and rear are impervious to simple damages.

The tires are excellent for outdoor performance is robust and capable of moving on a variety of different terrains. Adding to the expertise in outdoor travel is the ground clearance rating.

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV has a ground clearance of 5.25 inches, capable of moving up on the curbside of sidewalks and along the pathway despite small impediments in the way.

The suspension tires handle all types of terrains with ease while the Delta tiller provides support, which makes it easy to operate for drivers with limited hand dexterity.

John Carlos P. had a stroke, which left him unable to use his left arm and leg. The disability made life significantly more difficult for him until he purchased the Pride Pursuit XL PMV. Reviews that he read were favorable but here is his.

Now, he is able to complete simple tasks, like going to the mailbox, without the assistance of another person. John Carlos, 72 years old, can also travel to the local store.

But his favorite activity is to go to the Mesquite, Texas, fair. With his
Pride Pursuit XL PMV disability scooter he can navigate the fun activities while feeling secure in a mass of people that trash littered on the floor will not penetrate the tires.

Glenn M. purchased the Pride Pursuit XL PMV for the outdoor expertise. The Cambria, California resident said the pneumatic tires are a strength of the product.

“Used in an area with uneven pavement and on dusty roads for walking my dogs and enjoying an ocean view from the trail,” Glenn said. “Very good construction. LED lights are protected from damage by fog.”

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV has a full lighting package, which illuminates the early morning or evening rides from one place to another. The lighting package includes directional signals and lower headlight.

One of the most beloved features about the quality disability scooter is the deluxe reclining high-back seat with headrest and sliders. When traveling longer distances the driver will be comfortable and secure, even if the product needs to make an abrupt stop.

A variety of customers will find comfort in the Pride Pursuit XL PMV disability scooter seating arrangement. Whether it be seniors with failing bodies, adults with disabilities or the morbidly obese.

For the morbidly obese, they will find the weight capacity secures their stature. The Pride Pursuit XL PMV mobility scooters have a 400-pound weight capacity. The man or woman will not have to worry about weight ceasing the heavy-duty power wheelchair from operating effectively.

Customers rave about the pillow-top seat on the Pride disability scooter. When traveling those longer distances, such as terrains that may be bumpy, the pillow-top seat maintains that relaxing feeling rather than having sharp pains over every rock the Pride Pursuit XL PMV moves over.

For some people, it’s not traveling long distances that they seek with the purchase of the Pride Pursuit XL PMV mobility scooter. Larry G. has trouble walking on uneven surfaces, which impedes him from completing chores.

“Stable out in the yard,” Larry said. “I feel safe when working in the yard.”

The 75-year-old man from Vidalia, Louisiana, also notes the seating is comfortable and the legroom is great. When asked about the weaknesses, the man who gave five-stars on his mobility scooter review said he hasn’t found any.

The Pride Pursuit XL PMV is designed to the last detail. It has a sleek appearance that reflects positively on the driver when he or she travels from one place to another.

The Pride disability scooter can come in two colors. The buyer has the choice of Candy Apple Red or an illustrious Silver.

Pride Pursuit XL PMV disability scooters. (Pride Mobility photo)

Both colors have a favorable appearance, leading to frequent compliments from other people and a source of pride when the driver uses the product.

Buy the Pride Pursuit XL PMV Disability Scooter for a Smooth Ride

The Pride mobility scooter recommended in this article has added value to the lives of many people, across all age ranges and body sizes. This quality disability scooter will last years from the date of purchase.

To learn more about the Pride Pursuit XL PMV scooter for the disabled, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician who can answer nearly any question regarding the product.

To speak with a technician from our nationwide mobility scooter store, please call (877) 721-7748.

“You may find shopping online for the best deal on powerful 4-wheel heavy-duty scooter to be difficult,” our website provides. “But dealing directly with us Mobility Scooters Direct.com can help you get great deals on scooters. It is our hope that this Pride Mobility Pursuit LX PMV review was helpful.”