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Trident Power Wheelchair Caster Flutter Guide & Flash Codes Guide

First off: great decision on purchasing your Trident Power Wheelchair.

The Trident Power Wheelchair is one of the best products sold from our nationwide electric wheelchair store.

But if you encountered caster flutter, flash codes or both, we are here to help!

How to Eliminate Caster Flutter on the Trident

When traveling at full speed, caster flutter can buildup. But a recent improvement has been made to the Trident Power Wheelchair, which eliminates the flutter in the rear caster wheels when the person is traveling at full speed on the product.

  • The first step is to begin by removing the two plastic caps on the caster fork stems.
  • Next, remove the two M12 nuts, which are securing the caster forks to the frame. We recommend using a 19mm socket wrench for this step.
  • Now, with the washers supplied, install one of the washers per caster fork.
  • Lastly, reinstall the two M12 nuts that were removed in the second step. Then, replace the plastic caps that were removed in the first step.

Trident Flash Codes

As a general rule, when the VR2 controller senses a fault, this leads a number of battery indicator LED lights to flash.

Flash Code Meaning
Possible Reasons and Solutions
One Light        Low Voltage       Check the battery cables and connections.
   *Charge the batteries.
Two Lights or Three Lights Left Motor
 The left motor has a short.
  *Check the motor wiring and connections.
  *Test the motor.
  *Check the motor brushes.   
  *Replace the motor.
Four Lights or Five Lights Right  Motor
 The motor has a short
  *Check the motor wiring and connections.
  *Test the motor.
  *Check the motor brushes.   
  *Replace the motor.
Six Lights Charger Fault  Unplug the charger from the power chair.
Seven Lights Joystick Fault  Joystick was engaged when power chair was turned on.
  *Turn power chair off and turn on without engaging the joystick.
Eight Lights Controller
 The controller has failed.
  *Check the controller connections and wiring.
  *Replace the controller.
Nine Lights Brake Fault  The brake is not engaged.
 *Engage the brake.
  *Check the brake wiring and connections.
  *Test the brake.
  *Replace the brake if defective.
Ten Lights High Voltage  Batteries are overcharged.
  *If driving downhill slow down and turn lights on, if so equipped.
  *Test the charge to ensure that it cuts off when batteries are fully charged

For flash codes 2, 3, 4 or 5, swap the motor connections. If the flash code remains the same, then the
problem is the joystick.

I Need the Help of an Expert for my Power Wheelchair

Some of these instructions can be complicated for those who are not use to fixing products. But Mobility Scooters Direct is here to help.

Please call a skilled technician from our nationwide power wheelchair store at (877) 721-7748 for more information.