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Mobility Scooters Help Seniors With Bad Knees

Mobility scooters help seniors with bad knees.

If you have had persistent knee pain, the value of avoiding that pain without sacrificing on your independence may seem like a fantasy.

Walking around, whether that means to your kitchen or the local grocery store can be agony for seniors with knee pain, reducing the quality of life.

Mobility Scooters Direct sells disability scooters that will empower these seniors. We recommend the Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter, the Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter and the AFIKIM Afiscooter S Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel.

Take back your life, today!

The Best Mobility Scooters for Traveling

Maverick from Drive Medical is an excellent choice for seniors, especially those with osteoarthritis. Having to deal with that nightmare can lead to other health issues, such as depression, because the person may have to avoid activities that he or she once loved due to inabilities to walk.

The Maverick -- a Luxury Mobility Scooter

The Maverick is an awesome looking mobility scooter that resembles a badass motorcycle. Friends, family and acquaintances will be impressed when they see you traveling on the luxury mobility scooter.

Behind the impressive appearance is a product that has been carefully built for maximum comfort and performance.

The Maverick is equipped with a sports style captain seat, which is known for providing the most comfort when traveling from one place to another. The seat contours to the lower back, letting the body sit in a secure seating arraignment that takes pressure off the knee.

It is imperative that the knee feels good when traveling on the Maverick. According to Harvard Health Publications, there is an estimated 700,000 knee replacements each year in the United States — the most reliable method to treat severe osteoarthritis.

As the driver feels comfortable and the knee secure, he or she will experience impressive performance from the 3 wheel mobility scooter. The Maverick has a 1300-watt motor and reaches maximum speeds of nearly 10 mph.

This long distance mobility scooter, equipped with 12V 75AH lead-acid batteries, can cover 35 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Maverick is 400 lbs.

We are selling this luxury mobility scooter at a steep discount. Our customers will save nearly 65 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price on the affordable mobility scooter, which is listed for $3,854 as of the publication of this article.

Alternatively, our customers can purchase the cheap mobility scooter using our simple financing options. The simple financing options on the 3 wheel disability scooter start at $339 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The Solax Transformer, a folding mobility scooter, is another fantastic option for seniors with knee pains.

The lightweight mobility scooter weighs a mere 53 lbs.

Larry L. recently purchased the Solax Transformer. He gave the automatic folding disability scooter five-stars on his mobility scooter review.

“I love mine,” Larry said.

Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter

Larry loves the flexibility of the compact product. He is constantly on the move and appreciates how accommodating the Solax Transformer is on a daily basis.

He said it is easy to load into the back seat or the trunk of a vehicle and retrieved upon reaching his destination.

The Solax Transformer folds and opens with a key-fob or a manual override.

The performance is just as efficient. The 4 wheel mobility scooter has a 24V 120W motor and reaches a nearly 4 mph maximum speed. This long distance mobility scooter can cover nearly 14 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Solax Transformer is 300 lbs.

Purchase the affordable disability scooter for $2,195, which reflects an over 25 percent discount from the MSRP. For simple financing options, the Solax Transformer starts at $193 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The Afiscooter S is an impressive mobility scooter. For seniors with bad knees, the Afiscooter S will make traveling much easier.

The full-size mobility scooter is the winner of the International Red Dot design award. Earning the award is a testament to the value of this 3 wheel mobility scooter.

One of the features that stand out is the canopy that can go above the seat. The canopy protects the driver from the sun on scorching hot days or when the weather takes a turn for the worst and pelts rain from the heavens.

Using rear-wheel drive, the Afiscooter S reaches maximum speeds above 9 mph. The quality mobility scooter has 70AH batteries and covers 28 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the scooter for the disabled is 450 lbs. — perfect for the morbidly obese, especially those who also have bad knees.

Like the Maverick, the Afiscooter S has a captain seat, which provides comfort for mile after mile of travel. This can come in 20” or 33”, depending upon the preference of the driver.

Purchase the affordable scooter for the handicapped on a 20 percent discount from the MSRP. The Afiscooter S is listed for $5,065 as of the publication of this article.

The luxury mobility scooter can also be acquired using simple financing options. Simple financing options allow our customers to purchase the Afiscooter S on a monthly plan. The quality mobility scooter starts at $446 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Relieve Knee Pain With the Best Mobility Scooters

Osteoarthritis is a severe problem in American society, especially for the obese. The well-being of our customers is paramount to our values. We sell the best mobility scooters to regain independence that is lost with having severe knee pain.

To learn about the products mentioned in this article or additional mobility scooters, we recommend speaking with a skilled Mobility Scooters Direct technician, during our hours of operation.

Our team loves to help. Please call (877) 721-7748. They are available from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening EST on weekdays and from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon EST on weekends.

At all other times, we recommend visiting our blog or accessing the Mobility Scooters Direct forum.