What is the most expensive power wheelchair?

Have you wondered, “what is the most expensive power wheelchair?”

There are many electric wheelchairs on the market, some better than others, but some customers wonder what a top-of-the-line power wheelchair can buy. Let us entertain your curiosity.

While every power wheelchair sold from our store will deliver excellent performance and comfortability, the dirty secret in the industry is that some products are better than others.

This article will highlight the most expensive power wheelchair, the BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair, one of the best electric wheelchairs sold from our nationwide store. Power wheelchair reviews are a testament to the value of the BOSS 6 Series.

An Impressive Luxury Power Wheelchair

The BOSS 6 Series is equipped with a comfortable admiral seat. The seating arraignment reclines at the push of a button. It operates using a coil spring cushioning system. The seat is contoured orthopedic, which provides comfort over an extended ride and is height, width, depth and angle adjustable at the preference of the driver.

With a 27″ turning radius, the driver will remain ideally positioned in the Boss 6 Series preventing tipping that can occur with an inferior model. The confidence to travel without worry of negative repercussions is a selling point for many of our previous customers that purchased this heavy duty power wheelchair.

The seating arrangement is perfect for our obese customers. It has a wide seat that will cover the entire body. There are three models to choose from regarding weight capacity.

The Boss 6 and the Boss 6NS each have a 600 lbs. weight capacity. The latter, for an additional $995, comes with no suspension. The Boss 675, on the other hand, has a 675 lbs. weight capacity, costing an additional $495. Regardless of the selection, the driver will have an excellent product that can support a significant amount of weight.

The Boss 6 Series is made with top-notch materials, being built to handle a variety of challenging terrains. The quality power wheelchair can take a beating like Rocky Marciano and continue to fight, ultimately winning the bout.

The Boss 6 Series is capable of reaching maximum speeds over 5 mph using mid-wheel drive. This long distance power wheelchair, equipped with group 24 12V 75AH batteries, can cover 20 miles per complete charge.

This excellent combination of performance ensures the driver will be able to make it to the destination swiftly while also having significant travel range to ensure he or she returns safely.

The Boss 6 Series comes in three striking colors that provide a sleek appearance when traveling from one place to another. A candy apple red tone, an ocean blue or a midnight black. Furthermore, there is a choice in color of the upholstery. Options are black velvet, charcoal vinyl or gray velvet.

Imagine yourself using this power wheelchair for traveling, being customized with the colors that you enjoy the most. The awesome looking power wheelchair will be easy to locate if the driver should need to park it for any reason and walk away. Other people in the group will appreciate how easy it will be to find you in a crowd.

Regardless of the selection and combination, the driver will set positive first impressions when traveling on the Boss 6 Series. Furthermore, why make an investment in your health that would lead to a negative impression on colleagues at work, friends and family members?

There are so many options that extend beyond color. For instance, the joystick mount can be customized to the needs of the driver. It can be fixed on the right or left hand. For an additional $195, the joystick can be a swing away attachment. Customization options extend to the armrest, seating options, foot riggings, tires, warrant and more!

BOSS 6 Series Power WheelchairOne of the most common customization options is adding additional accessories to the quality electric wheelchair. For customers who require an oxygen tank, a sturdy holder can be inserted for an extra $105. This will ensure that the person can breathe, traveling with confidence without having to worry about impending danger to his or her health.

Another fantastic accessory that can be adding to the purchase of the luxury electric wheelchair is a weatherproof cover, $140, which provides reliable coverage in inclement weather. The weatherproof cover will protect the driver of this travel power wheelchair from blazing hot sunny skies and rain downpours that come at the worst times.

The affordable power wheelchair is on a 5 percent discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, listed for $7,150. Alternatively, our customers can purchase the luxury battery-powered wheelchair using simple financing options, which start at $629 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Purchase a Luxury Power Wheelchair, Today!

This article offered more information on the Boss 6 Series, a luxury power wheelchair, which is also the most expensive electric wheelchair sold from Mobility Scooters Direct.

With significant price comes significant satisfaction. The Boss 6 Series offers several customization options and accessories to ensure the quality power wheelchair is the perfect fit for our customers.

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