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Jazzy Power Wheelchair Vehicle Lifts for the Disabled

Over time, Bob G. has lost the ability to travel from one place to another safely and without pain. But he found his life became much easier after he purchased the Jazzy 614 HD Power Wheelchair.

Bob, 71 years old, weighs 420 lbs. He has arthritis in his knees and back. Due to his condition, he is unable to walk over 50 feet without having to sit down.

“The chair is a big help,” the Rosston, Arkansas resident said in his five-star power wheelchair review. “Carries weight well, pleasant to the eye, seats comfortable and roomy for a big person, plenty of power, easy to control.”

Jazzy 614 HD Power Wheelchair. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The Jazzy power wheelchair does all of what Bob said. It is no surprise that the electric wheelchair is one of the most sought after products on the market.

The best choice when purchasing the Jazzy electric wheelchair is to include a lift system with it. We recommend the AL570 Outside Lift For Power Chairs (Discontinued) and the AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift. These are the best Jazzy power wheelchair vehicle lifts for the disabled.

A Jazzy Electric Wheelchair That Empowers the Disabled

The Jazzy power wheelchair is a popular choice that continues to receive favorable reviews from users of the product. The innovative technology keeps the product at the forefront of quality power wheelchairs.

Christopher M. has become too weak to walk safely because of a series of infections.

“A power chair was a must,” Christopher said.

Christopher, 63 years old, loves everything about the product, even rating it with five stars.

“High-quality materials used in construction, ease of use day-to-day, and strong drive train,” Christopher said, “all make for a comfortable and great chair.”

Gene D. has Lewy bodies dementia, which causes rigid muscles, slow movement and tremors, along with cognitive decline.

But the ailment has not stopped Gene, 60 years old, from enjoying the world.

“I use my [Jazzy] 614 HD to travel all around our small city,” Gene said. “I go to coffee with my friends, out to lunch. It is very solid and runs a long time on the battery.”

The Jazzy electric wheelchair has excellent performance, especially in its travel range compared to other top products on the market.

The quality power wheelchair has 22NF batteries, which helps it cover 11 miles per total charge.

The Jazzy 614 HD power wheelchair reaches maximum speeds over 4 miles per hour.

The weight capacity of the elderly power chair is 450 lbs. but it weighs 240 lbs.

The captain seat provides a comfortable arrangement. The seat is plush, being the perfect mix of comfort and sturdiness. When traveling for coffee with friends or day-to-day activities, the captain seat allows the driver to focus on the present rather than how bad his or her lower back feels.

AL570 Outside Lift for Power Chairs is Robust and Secure

The AL570 Outside Lift For Power Chairs is a top product designed by Harmar. It can hold products ranging from folding to heavy-duty power wheelchairs with ease.

The powerful product is simple to use. Previous customers have found nearly no difficulty in using the AL570 Outside Lift For Power Chairs in their day-to-day lives.

The product is made from some of the best parts and innovative technology to ensure its reliability, along with ease of use.

The electric wheelchair lift system has been designed with Dock ‘N’ Lock. The technology automatically secures the electric wheelchair to the platform as it uses a positive lock docking device.

The AL570 Outside Lift Power Chairs has an adjustable 27.5-inch by 39-inch platform, which is adjustable to accommodate a majority of power wheelchairs.

AL570 Outside Lift Power Chairs

The power wheelchair lift system has a weights capacity of 350 lbs. But the product itself weighs 89 lbs. The lightweight makes it easy to install.

The hitch height is between 5-inches and 18-inches. It works with hitch sizes Class II and Class III. The product is primarily designed for power wheelchairs.

The AL570 Outside Lift Power Chairs is battery operated and has a three-year limited warranty.

AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift is a Top Electric Wheelchair Lift Systems

When a shopper is looking for one of the best lift systems to pair with the Jazzy 614 HD power wheelchair, AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift is among the best places to start.

The AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift is robust and reliable, designed by Harmar. The lift system can hold as much as 350 lbs.

The product was built with a steel platform, which is constructed with a drive on or drive off entry; along with interlock protection to halt operation while the rear door of the vehicle is closed.

AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift. Photo via Harmar.

The AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift is designed for minivans and full-sized vans. The power wheelchair lift system can accommodate nearly all power wheelchairs.

One of the top features of the AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift is the coastal community finish. The coastal community finish provides 1,000 hours of corrosion resistance.

When having a product for multiple years, the corrosion resistance definitely comes in handy. Especially for our customers near water, such as in the San Francisco Bay area or those who live on Miami Beach.

The AL625 Hybrid Van Vehicle Lift has a three-year warranty.

Nationwide Store That Constantly Exceeds Expectations

This article recommended a quality power wheelchair and two vehicle lifts to support the product. All three recommendations are top products in the industry.

To learn more about our power wheelchairs or lift systems, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our company.

To speak with a technician, please call (877) 721-7748, during our hours of operation. All other times, we recommend visiting our blog, which provides a wealth of useful information.

Customer service is paramount for our company. We work nonstop for our customers’ satisfaction.

Gleen B., a previous Mobility Scoots Direct customer, said he was “very happy” with his purchase.

But it wasn’t just the product he was happy about — it was the exceptional service our nationwide power wheelchair store provided.

“Had to customized the seat and did it spot on,” Gleen said. “Customer service was awesome. I would not hasten to refer them to my friends. Thanks so much for your help!”