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Best Vehicle Lifts to Keep the Jazzy Select 6 Running Smoothly

Mike P. has poliomyelitis, or polio, a crippling and potentially deadly infectious disease where the virus invades an infected person’s spinal cord and brain, leading him or her to not being able to move parts of the body.

Mike, 67 years old, is a survivor, but he still feels repercussions from the virus. The Abilene, Texas, man has weakness in his legs. He uses the Jazzy Select 6 power wheelchair when he is tired.

He calls it an excellent product.

Jazzy Select 6 power wheelchair. Photo via Pride Mobility.

“Well made, quiet and very easy to operate,” said Mike, in a five-star power wheelchair review. “I purchased the seat that elevates 5 inches and this makes it easy to get out of the chair.”

The Jazzy Select 6 works even better for our customers when they also purchase a lift system. We have several vehicle lifts for power wheelchairs, such as the AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift and the AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift.

These are sold from our nationwide store. We constantly recommend these to inquiring customers because they are robust and easy to use — not to mention inexpensively priced, which is ideal for cash-strapped buyers on a tight budget.

What is the Best Power Wheelchair?

As many people become older, they are unable to do the things that they once were. For Alvin W., he is unable to walk medium to longer distances due to declining physical abilities.

Alvin, 89 years old, has been using his wife’s Jazzy Select 6. He said the product is a blessing and convinced him to buy his own.

“Now I have one that fits my body!” Alvin said.

One of the best features of the product is the elevating seat. For many seniors, it is difficult to securely get up or sit down.

Men and women at older ages are more prone to accidents when making these movements. But, Alvin’s purchase helped him avoid that fate.

“Elevating seat is great!” said Alvin, in his five-star electric wheelchair review.

The Jazzy Select 6 power wheelchair is among the best power wheelchairs on the market. One of the most beloved attributes of the Jazzy Select 6 electric wheelchair is the plush seating arrangement.

The quality power wheelchair comes equipped with a captain seat, which is known as one of the most comfortable on the market.

The captain seat provides the perfect balance of firmness and softness, keeping the driver secure for mile after mile of travel.

The Pride power wheelchair reaches maximum speeds of 4 miles per hour. The long-distance electric wheelchair, using
12V 35Ah U1 batteries cover 15 miles per total charge.

The weight capacity of the Jazzy Select 6 is 300 pounds. However, it weighs 167 pounds.

AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift has Robust Strength

Harmar is known for creating some of the best power wheelchair lift systems on the market. The AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift is one of those products.

The AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift is easy to operate at the push of a button. The technology is advanced but it is simple to learn. Most customers need help once, then they are set for the next several years.

It can sustain power wheelchairs as heavy as 350 pounds yet the AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift weighs 63 pounds.

AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The hitch height on the power wheelchair lift by Harmar is between 5 inches to 18 inches. It works best with Class II or Class III hitch sizes.

The AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift has a spacious platform. It is 27.5 inches in length while being 39 inches in width.

The AL580XL Next Generation Power Wheelchair Lift comes with a three-year limited warranty.

AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift is Easy to Use

A second popular product from Harmar is the AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift. The product can hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds, which is perfect for nearly all power wheelchairs including the Jazzy Select 6. The power wheelchair lift only weighs 76 pounds.

One of the best features of the AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift is that it has a boom arm and rotation that makes for easy access and loading.

The boom has an adjustable height of 31 inches to 39 inches. The boom length is between 21 inches to 33 inches. The boom pitch is between 0 inches and 35 inches.

AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift

Having waterproof hand controls is definitely a plus when using the AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift. When there is bad weather and the driver just wants his or her power wheelchair inside the vehicle, the person will not have to worry about the technology breaking down.

The person can stay calm and collected, using the waterproof device, as he or she loads it into the vehicle and is then ready to go. This feature separates the AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift from many similar products.

The product is recommended for the Jazzy Select 6 electric wheelchair, along with travel mobility scooters, full-sized mobility scooters and other types of power wheelchairs.

The AL435 Axis III Vehicle Lift comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Buy the Best Vehicle Lifts for the Jazzy Power Wheelchair

Our nationwide store is constantly going above and beyond for our customers, with our service and commitment to selling products at budget-friendly prices.

To learn more about the Jazzy Select 6 or any of the lift systems recommended in this article, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from Mobility Scooters Direct.

To speak with a technician from our nationwide store, call us at (877) 721-7748. During non-working hours, we recommend visiting our blog, which provides a wealth of relevant information.

Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair

Selling our products at an affordable price is paramount to our mission of helping those with disabilities and other ailments have a safe and enjoyable way to travel from one place to another.

We encourage prospective customers to purchase the Pride power wheelchair as soon as possible while we have a fantastic deal on the product.

“Mobility Scooters Direct affiliation to Pride Mobility allows us to give our customers unbeatable rates on power wheelchairs like the Pride Mobility Jazzy Select 6 power wheelchair!” our website provides. “Pride Mobility has given Mobility Scooters Direct the ‘ok’ to let this Jazzy Select-6 power wheelchair for sale to go at wholesale cost individually — so call us today!”