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Disabled Person’s Employment Resource Guide

Employment resources for people with disabilities

Under the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act, you have the right to equal employment opportunities. Employers are required to provide you with accommodations based on your disability under the ADA and as a person with a disability, it is important that you are educated on the laws and requirements for employers that employ someone with a disability. This page is a resource for individuals with disabilities to find information related to employment such as PDF downloads, Documents, resource links to useful articles on trusted sites and more. All references are manually verified and approved by our team of moderators to ensure your protection and safety while browsing the web, please do not send requests to add links unless you are a truly providing a useful resource for students or non-students seeking employment opportunities or information.

Please feel free to share this page or copy it ethically by sourcing the original location which is on our webpage so that we can help the community of disabled persons obtain this useful information online.

USA Jobs Guide For People With Disabilities Seeking Employment – Another resource for people with disabilities looking for employment opportunities. Click here to be directed to the USA Jobs site.

Virginia Tech Disability Resource for Students / Careers – To learn more, click here to be directed to the Virginia Tech EDU website.

A Job Listing Site for Employers and Employees brought to you by Abilityjobs.comClick here to be directed to the Ability Jobs site.

A guide to requesting an accommodation at work under the protection of the Americans with Disabilities Act – Click on the following underlined, blue links to download the PDF guide or Word Doc Guide. 

ADA regulations and responsibilities for employers to follow/provide employees with disabilities. – Click here to be directed to the official Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) web page which contains the complete list of regulations and responsibilities that your employer must adhere to.

Northern California’s premier provider of job search, placement, and training for adults with disabilities – Project Hiredclick here to visit the Project Hired website.

Federal Government Jobs For the Disabled – If you’re an individual with a disability seeking employment by the federal government, click here.

Vocational Rehabilitation – Visit the disabilityresources.org site (trusted) to learn more about federal/state vocational rehab program, Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) and more.

ADA Guide For People With Disabilities Seeking Employment – This is a guide brought to you by the American’s With Disabilities Act website, it’s a very trusted source and contains very useful information if you’re looking for work and have a disability. To access the guide, click here.

A job opportunity website for persons with Disabilities and Inclusive Employers – Abilitylinks.org offers featured jobs, job scam warnings, transportation tips and more. To learn more about ability links dot org, click on this link.

Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi – Employment information and resources for people with disabilities provided by the University of Corpus Christi, click here to learn more.

National Business & Disability Council (NBDC) – A council at The Viscardi Center is an employer organization and comprehensive resource for disability best practices. Here you can find a large group of employers looking to hire persons with disabilities. Click here to learn more.

Legal Assistance & Accessibility Guidelines

Section 508 – A government-wide section 508 accessibility program. A portion of the Rehabilitation Act that strives to ensure information is readily available to anyone with a disability. Here you will find information about Section 508 laws, how to get help with accessibility contracting work, how to build and repair accessible developments and more. Click here to learn more.

Building and Facility Accessibility Guidelines by the ADA – Learn about the list of guidelines and rules that building and facility owners need to adhere to regarding accessibility. Click here to learn more.

Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – Everything you need to know about the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, click here to learn what this act means and how it can help you.

Washburn University School of Law Resource – a resource containing information about disability / handicapped law and legal issues. Click here to visit the site.

ADA Enforcement Laws and Regulations – The ADA was created to ensure there is equality when it comes to all Americans, regardless of abilities. Below are the many acts which you can click on to view more information about the acts. There are also some additional resources included following the links for information on the acts.