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Most Common Misconceptions About Power Wheelchairs

If you have never used a power wheelchair but are recommended to use one you may have a lot of misconceptions about power wheelchairs that will make it difficult to make that final decision in buying a new model. Those that are new to the power wheelchair world may have a few misconceptions about electric power chairs that can cause damage to the scooter or cause harm or injury to its user. With so much available out there first time buyers will only know so much.

We made this article to help shed light on first-time buyers so they can see the truth about power chairs, there durability, and reliability. If you already own or have previously owned a handicap power wheelchair this may enlighten you on facts you did not previously know.

Misconceptions of Power Wheelchairs

With so many different types of electric wheelchairs available online you may have a hard time knowing the difference of many different models and the misconceptions that many face when shopping or even using an electric wheelchair. The biggest misconception about all power chairs is that people believe they are very easy to control and maneuver. If you have never ridden an elderly power chair you may find tridentdifficulty getting around at first, it’s not as easy as most users may make it look. Another common misconception is the thought that people think any power wheelchair available online can be driven uphill constantly. That is not the case, now heavy duty and full size power chairs are designed to handle more wear and tear allowing them to go uphill but doing it all the time will not only drain your chairs life but also put it at risk for damage to the motor, so as a reminder do not ride uphill all day long it will take away from your power chairs life and longevity. Another one of the major misconceptions about power wheelchairs is that some believe one size is capable of fitting all users which is not the case. Whether some are trying to go the easy route and save money buying something cheaper or they just don’t understand the difference between a bariatric and a standard electric wheelchair, it is very common for first time buyers or people with little challengerknowledge actually pick out a proper power chair for there wants and needs on their own. People also misconceive the fact that a power chair is not something to necessarily purchase if you do not plan on using it at all times. Some users say from past experience that once they were seated in there power chair it was difficult to get out of, they are more preferred for those who have trouble walking for long periods of time. So for those that are considering a power wheelchair to ride once and a while you may want to reconsider and purchase a mobility scooter instead. For those that ask why a mobility scooter? Because scooters allow more legroom and offer options such as a swivel seat for easier access or departure. The last common power wheelchair misconception I will bring up is riding up or downstairs. No matter how big your tires are or how wide the chair frame is, I would never recommend riding up or downstairs on a power chair, not only for your safety and well being but also for your chairs as well.

Did You Learn Anything New


I know this may have been quite a bit of information for first-time power wheelchair users and buyers, but now that you have this information you know a little bit more about the limits of the durable power wheelchairs that are available online. The misconceptions about power wheelchairs listed above are mentioned to let people know, handicap power chairs are not toys and they are not meant to be tampered with. I hope those that read this remember this information before purchasing a reliable electric wheelchair online. We have models available at prices for everyone but you still don’t want to push a power chair beyond its limits, you can end up paying for it a lot faster than you would expect to. Hopefully, this information helps you make the right choice in purchasing a reliable mobility product.