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Mobility Scooters with Scuff Free Tires

When you consider purchasing a mobility scooter that is brand new from Mobility Scooters Direct, something you will want to ensure is that you keep your floors looking new as long as possible. Similarly, if you were to visit a friend or family member’s house you would not want to leave marks all over their light tile floors. For that reason, many customers are asking us about handicap scooters with scuff free tires. It can be pretty embarrassing to leave a large black tire print across the entire floor of a home or business. But fear not, many manufacturers have realized the importance of Mobility scooters with tires that don’t mark the floor.

Mobility scooters with tires that don’t mark the floor.

victory 9 mobility scooter

A mobility scooter with scuff free tires will not leave a sticky residue on the floor after driving on it. This is a relatively newer type of technology that many manufacturers are opting to use on their travel scooters. Tires are not the most expensive but if you consider how often you may brush up against something accidentally, the cost can surely add up rather quickly. A disability scooter with wheels that are safe for tile or marble flooring is usually a travel mobility scooter.

Most Popular Mobility Scooters with Anti-Scuff Tires

There are some mobility scooters with scuff free tires that are more popular than others. Some of this has to do with the manufacturer who made the mobility scooter. Often, people will want to choose the brands which are the most popular as they are viewed as the most trustworthy.

Pride Mobility is often considered one of the most popular mobility scooter manufacturers on the market. This is not only because they are the leader in sales volume but also because of the fact that they offer fantastic warranty’s on their products.

There are simply too many mobility scooters with scuff free tires to list. However, there is an easy way you can see a majority of them. Head over to our travel mobility scooter page. Be sure to check the product review that is offered or specifications to ensure that the product indeed has scuff-free tires prior to purchasing.

If mobility scooters with scratch-free tires are not important to you then you can look at our main mobility scooter page. Alternatively, if you are only interested in 3-wheel mobility scooters or 4-wheel mobility scooters you can just click those links.

Inexpensive Travel Handicap Mobility Scooters with Scuff Free Tires

Pride Go-Go LX Mobility Scooter 4-WheelIf you are looking for a mobility scooter that will not break the bank you will need to look at brand other than Pride Mobility & Drive Medical. Golden Technologies, as well as Zip’r, makes fantastic mobility scooters with mark-free tires that will not break the bank. You can get your hands on a fantastic traveling mobility scooter with mark-free tires for around $600.00.

Mobility scooters with tires that will not leave marks are going to become more and more important. Luckily there are many ADA laws that state you cannot be kicked out of a commercial establishment for having a mobility scooter without scuff free tires. However, generally speaking, it is very thoughtful to not leave tires marks on a floor. You have likely seen the black marks associated with tires in some larger stores like Walmart.

Important Features to Look for with Mobility Scooters

There are some important features you will want to ensure your mobility scooter has in addition to just the scuff free tires. In addition to cost, there are features that are very important such as travel range. For instance, the inexpensive scooters above with scuff free tires may sound great but it can have a very small and limited travel range. If you intend on going to a location where you will need a longer travel range that is a feature you will want to ensure the mobility scooter has.

Another important feature is the top speed. Some scooters will reach a maximum top speed of 3.5MPH while others can easily go past 5MPH. While that does not sound like much, if you are traveling to a store in very hot or cold weather it is very important to consider how much longer you will be exposed to the elements. It is strongly recommended that you consider the use case of the mobility scooter you will purchase. Choosing a mobility scooter with scuff free tires is critical to protect your home along with others’.

If you would like to have the assistance of a professional then feel free to give us a call at Mobility Scooters Direct. Our sales associates are trained to utilize a consultative approach which ensures that you consider a mobility scooter that has all of the right features based on how you will use it. Lastly, you’ll be happy to hear that nearly all of our prices are listed as low as they can be listed. This means you will get a far better deal than purchasing the senior handicap scooter with mark-free tires at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price!