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How Much Does a Power Wheelchair Weigh?

Before making an investment in your health, are you wondering how much does a power wheelchair weigh? That is an excellent question to ask as the weight of a quality power wheelchair can determine how the driver of the product interacts with his or her environment.

Power Wheelchairs Range in Weight and Performance

Mobility Scooters Direct, a nationwide mobility scooter store, recommends power wheelchairs for customers that have mobility issues. These products can range from 50 lbs. to 350 lbs.

For the former, one product that is popular among our customers is the Pride Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair. While for the latter, the BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair is a standout model.

Pride Jazzy Passport Power WheelchairThe Jazzy Passport is a travel power wheelchair that weighs a mere 53 lbs. The lithium battery pack will add 7 lbs. in weight. The product is an example of precise engineering and quality materials that make an exceptional product.

The slim and compact design of the Jazzy Passport enables the driver to easily fit in the back of a vehicle for efficient transportation. The product is also one of the best mobility scooters to take on airplanes, meeting Federal Aviation Administration and TSA requirements.

The 4 wheel power wheelchair from Pride Mobility has two 180W brushed motors and can travel at a nearly 4 miles per hour maximum speed. The product is equipped with a 12V 18AH battery and can cover nearly 10 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity supports 250 lbs.

Another performance advantage of the mobility scooter for traveling is a tight 25.25″ turning radius. The product from Pride has a 3.00″ ground clearance.

As of the publication of this article, the affordable power wheelchair is listed for $1,999, which reflects a discount of over 30 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the battery-powered wheelchair starts at $176 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Another product to consider is the BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair. The Boss 6 Series is a heavy duty power wheelchair, which means the product supports heavier customers. In fact, the 4 wheel power wheelchair can support nearly 700 lbs. while having a weight of half that size, or 350 lbs.

BOSS 6 Series Power WheelchairThere is a lot of value that accounts for the 350 lbs. weight of the quality power wheelchair. For instance, the product comes equipped with a captain seat, which is known as one of the most comfortable seating arrangements on the market.

The driver will travel in complete comfort, mile after mile, having this luxurious seating arrangement. In addition, when traveling over impediments in the roadway, trail and more, the electric wheelchair absorbs the variation in stride, ensuring the driver remains in complete control and comfort.

The Boss 6 Series uses mid-wheel drive when traveling from one place to another. When in use, the power chair has a maximum speed of nearly 5 miles per hour. This long distance power wheelchair can cover 20 miles per complete charge.

Purchase this affordable power wheelchair, as of the publication of this article, for $7,150. The Boss 6 Series is on a slight 5 percent discount from the MSRP. This cheap electric wheelchair can also be purchased using simple financing. Simple financing options start at $629 for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate for this luxury power wheelchair.

Wheelchairs in a Different Category

Also available for purchase are wheelchairs that fall in a different category. While we strongly recommend our quality power wheelchair, there are other options on the market that can provide a lot of value, too. These wheelchairs vary in weight.

As a rule of thumb, manual wheelchairs typically weigh between 15 lbs. and 60 lbs. This type of wheelchair is simple to propel oneself, along with being easy to lift into a car. The difference in weight can be accounted for the motor, in most cases.

These types of wheelchairs usually come in four varieties. The first is a transport wheelchair, weighing between 15 lbs. and 30 lbs., this product has small wheels and is usually reserved for traveling within a mall, a park or a restaurant. However, due to the lightweight size, the transport wheelchair cannot be self-propelled.

A standard manual wheelchair, which is commonly 35 lbs. to 40 lbs., is most often seen in hospitals or airports. The heavier nature of the product makes it ideal for commercial use. With wheels that empower drivers with the ability to self-propel, these can be used for long distances. However, the product is rather heavy while being awkward to lift into a car without the assistance of a vehicle lift.

A third option is a lightweight wheelchair, which weighs 15 lbs. and 35 lbs. Built for moving and lifting, these lightweight wheelchairs self-propel with ease. The product is simple to place into a bus or a car.

The lightweight wheelchair can come in a rigid frame, recommended for younger users, who see themselves self-propelling throughout the day. On the other hand, there are folding frames, which as the name implies are simple to fold and recommended for older users.

Finally, there are heavy duty wheelchair, which are between 40 lbs. and 60 lbs. For obese customers, these are strongly recommended, as the product has wider seats and a powerful frame. However, uses of the heavy duty wheelchair will notice the significant weight, which makes an expenditure on a ramp paramount.

Mobility Scooters Direct Empowers Customers

In conclusion, this article highlighted the various weights that a power wheelchair and a normal wheelchair weight. It is paramount to understand the disparity in weight and how this effects the performance of a mobility assistance device.

Best Power Wheelchairs for Father's Day - Elderly - Lotte Meijer, UnsplashFor more information on our products from our nationwide power wheelchair store, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled technicians. To speak with a skilled technician, please call (877) 721-7748.

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