Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift

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A Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift Will Help to Prevent Falls.

For the elderly or the disabled, falls are an everyday concern. Did you know that even a simple fall can lead to severe injury and trauma? It is estimated that one of five falls will cause broken bones or a head injury. With many disabilities or aging, muscle weakness in the legs becomes a concern. Or, if you have poor balance or difficulty walking, you are also more likely to experience a fall. Once a person has a traumatic fall, typically they will become much more hesitant to try and get up. When this becomes the case, it can lead to many more significant health issues. Not all falls will result in serious injury, but with these statistics, do you want to take the chance? Talk to your doctor and caregiver to see if a Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift could be the answer to offering you more independence.

Don’t Risk Injury, Find Security in a Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift.

How does the Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift offer stability to those who cannot get up on their own? Patient lift devices are designed for those who have physical limitations such as partial-weight bearing or who are non-weight bearing to help with transfers from the bed, and chair, or for lateral transfers for using the bathroom or bathing. When you require assistance with transfers, you are not only putting a strain on your own body but on the caregivers as well. What would happen if your caregiver hurt themselves while trying to lift you? Many caregivers can end up with back injuries or other muscular injuries, hernia, or experience a fall of their own. This could lead to them not being able to give you proper care for a while or even indefinitely. Or what if you were to be injured while your loved one was trying to get you up without an assistive device? Injuries to patients usually include a fall, hurt by furniture, fractures, muscle strains, and bruising. A patient lift can and will allow for a much more secure and safe way of getting out of bed or transferring to a chair. By keeping everyone safe with the proper equipment, you can lead a much more productive and healthy life.

What Makes the Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift Fantastic?

By offering a feeling of comfort and security, a patient lift will go a long way to prevent injuries. The patient as well as the caregiver needs to fully understand how a Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift works in order to keep all involved safe. Medline equipment is designed with suggestions and input from experts in patient mobility fields. These fields include hospital staff, nursing homes, physical therapists and other home health workers. Therefore, the equipment is easy to use. The Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift comes with an assembly guide, operating instructions, and a complete guide on how to use the patient lift. The casters are usable on both tile and carpeted floors making it simple to move from room to room and the hammer-tone grey finish is easy to clean. The base opens with a hand lever and the sling can be used as four or a six point cradle.

Buy a Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift with Confidence.

Have confidence that you are getting the best product at great prices. Medline has been family-led for four generations and is America’s largest provider of medical supplies. For 50 years, Medline has been providing the medical market with durable medical equipment, skin care products, operating room kits, surgical scrubs and gowns and many more healthcare products. By developing a relationship with Mobility Scooters, you can rest assured that you are getting a hard to beat price when you purchase a Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift from them. Also, ordering is easy! When you order from, you will also receive free shipping and a free patient sling. You can add accessories as well. To view our full product line, visit us at Mobility Scooters

Medline Hydraulic Patient Lift Features and Benefits

  • Model: MDS88200D , MDS88200DLB , MDS88200HL
  • Elevating hydraulic lift.
  • Base opens with an easy hand lever.
  • 6-point cradle type.
Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Medline
Lifts Patient from Floor No
Base Width Open 31.5"
Base Width Closed 26"
Internal Base Width - Open 28.5"
Internal Base Width - Closed 23"
Lifting Range 28" to 73"
Furniture Clearance Needed 6"
Base Height 5.5"
Overall Length 42"
Caster Size - Front 4"
Caster Size - Rear 4"
Disassembles for Transport/Storage Yes
Sling Types 4 Point Sling or 6 Point Sling
Overall Height 73"

Medline Manual Hydraulic Patient Lift. FREE Shipping 400 LB Weight Capacity Manual Hydraulic Easy to Use, FREE Sling

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