Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift

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Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift For Sale.

When you hear the word “deluxe” you probably think right away that it means expensive! Not so with the Drive medical manual deluxe patient lift for sale. This patient lift comes with all of the bells and whistles you can expect with Drive products, but it will not empty your wallet. The philosophy of Drive Medical is to “enhance the quality of life of the people we touch”. By functioning with this mission statement, Drive makes every effort to improve its products and to sell them to the public at an affordable rate. For safe and easy transfers, the Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift will allow for a confident experience each and every lift.

What Makes the Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift Superior?

What makes this product deluxe, is that it has a six point swivel bar which will allow the user to rely upon either two or four sling straps and has a two chain connection. The individual slings permit for safe and reliable transfers. Why are the slings so important? The sling is the fabric in which hold the user suspended in the air until they are transferred to the bed, a chair, the toilet, or the car. Slings are attached to the lift with hooks and loops. To obtain proper lift balance, the loops must be hooked evenly. The materials used to make the slings are typically woven nylon, cotton, or other heavy duty materials that are durable and will not tear or rip. Depending on the positioning of the user, there are several slings to choose from. The most common type is the U-sling. They are most effective for transferring and toileting. The U-sling will support the back of the patient by attaching the straps to the lift cradle. However if the patient is typically lying in a supine position (lying fully on the back), a U-sling may not be the best sling to purchase. A user must be able to sit up in order to transfer to a U-sling. If the user is unable to sit up on their own, a full body sling will be needed. These types of slings will allow for repositioning in the bed while staying in a supine position. When choosing the types of sling that will be needed to transfer your loved one, get all of the facts to ensure that you are getting what you need to safely take care of the user as well as the caregiver. Also, with any type of sling, the caregiver needs to be educated on how it works and connects. Many people can get a physical therapist to come in to show the family members how to use it properly. Also, there are many guides that will provide the information.

Transfers Made Easy with a Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift.

Patients, as well as the caregiver, may become nervous when transferring from bed to chair. But, with the safety features on the Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift, you can feel confident that the transfer will be protected. With the hydraulic lift, the user can easily lift from a stationary position without straining themselves or the caregiver. The hydraulics on the lift allows for a gradual and smooth transfer, which will help to prevent accidents or injuries. The lift features a sturdy solid steel frame and a width adjustable base and has caster brakes for added security. Using this patient lift will make it so much easier when transfers are needed, but also, safety measures need to take place in the home as well. Always make sure of a clear path while the patient is in the lift. Check for any obstacles that would cause an imbalance to the lift. Although the Drive medical manual deluxe patient lift is built securely, it should have regular maintenance check-ups. Never exceed the maximum weight limitations. This particular lift is safe when transferring those up to 450 pounds without any issues. However, with certain types of disabilities, if the user gains more weight than this maximum amount, a new lift that can sustain more weight will be needed.

Where to Purchase a Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift.

When you are looking for a high-quality patient lift at an affordable price, Mobility Scooters has what you need. The Drive medical manual deluxe patient lift comes with a free one year manufactures warranty and free standard doorstep delivery. Most patient lifts will require some assembly. If you are unable to do this, you can select to upgrade to the “white glove” delivery which will include set up. Also, at the time of check-out, be sure to add accessories if you choose. To see a full list of mobility products available at MSD. com, click here.

Drive Medical Deluxe Patient Lift Benefits and Features

  • Model: 13023
  • 6 point cradle for ease of use with many slings
  • Adjustable width base using effortless swing bar
  • Easy touch caster brakes provide additional security and stability
  • High performance hydraulic cylinder raise or lower individuals safely and easily
  • Includes sling chains, sling is additional
  • Safely raises or lowers individuals from any stationary seating or laying  position
  • Steel construction and chrome plated which provides maximum strength

Useful Drive Medical Manual Patient Lift Product Downloads

Download the user manual by clicking Drive Medical Manual Patient Lift - User Manual

Download the product brochure by clicking Drive Medical Manual Patient Lift - Brochure

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Drive Medical
Lifts Patient from Floor Yes
Base Width Open 42"
Base Width Closed 22.5"
Lifting Range 24" - 70"
Furniture Clearance Needed 6.25"
Base Height 6"
Caster Size - Front 5"
Caster Size - Rear 5"
Disassembles for Transport/Storage Yes
Sling Types u-sling, full body sling
Overall Height 1
Ground Clearance 6.00"

Drive Medical Manual Deluxe Patient Lift. FREE Shipping 450lb Weight Capacity Manual Easy to Use Chrome Plated Finish

  • Price: $665.00 - In stock
  • Brand: Drive Medical
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