Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding Scooter

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Buy the Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

The Heartway S21 Passport automatic folding mobility scooter has been a very popular selling mobility scooter since its release to the United States market. This simple to use mobility scooter easily folds by the push of a key FOB that can be attach to your keyring. With the simple push of a button, your mobility scooter can automatically fold in just seconds. The S21 folding mobility scooter also has a push button at the rear of the scooter, just in case you lose your key FOB. By pressing the button at the back of the scooter, your mobility scooter will fold in no time at all. This scooter has many features that will give you your independence back! When you purchase this scooter from Mobility Scooters Direct.com, know that you are getting factory direct prices, and both the taxes as well as the shipping are included in our fantastic price! Why shop elsewhere when you can get the best prices right here?

Where is the Affordable Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding Scooter 3-Wheel Best for Travel?

The Heartway S21 Passport Easy Move auto folding mobility scooter has the features that you need to get around town or around your home better. When you need just a bit of help getting here and there or love the benefit of not having to walk long distances, then the Heartway S21 is just what you need. Traveling at a maximum speed of just under four miles per hour, and giving you the distance of almost seven miles on a fully charged battery, this scooter is perfect for a day out of activity with friends and family. If you want to enjoy a shopping trip, a nice lunch out, or want to go to your granddaughter’s dance recital, there is no reason to pass up these invitations. The Heartway S21 is extremely easy to maneuver and the size will allow you easy access to any entrance and exit. The overall width is only 16.5 inches folded and 17.5 inches unfolded so you can get in and out of just about anywhere. With the easy fold up mechanism, you can store it so that it will not be in the way. With the turning radius of 30.7 inches, you can ride along in heavy foot traffic areas with ease. If you plan on riding in the house, you will be happy to know that this scooter comes equipped with sold black, flat-free tires that won’t leave marks on your carpet. The Heartway S21 is one of the best mobility scooters for use in the home due to its compact, foldable design.

Comfort Factors of the Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding Mobility Scooter.

The Heartway S21 Passport EasyMove mobility scooter was designed to hold people of average builds. With a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, this scooter can easily transport you around town or around your home. The seat width is a comfortable 16 inches, with a depth of 12.6 inches. The easy to use control panel can be operated using just one hand and contains all of the buttons and switches that you need to control the scooter safely. The control panel featrues the light switch, key ignition, speed dial, horn button, and the battery gauge. Also, to keep your scooter looking like new, cleaning it is very simple. Just use a soft wrung dry cloth to wipe it down. You can also use a mild detergent and wipe down any particularly dirty areas. Storing is also easy because it folds up into a compact scooter. Always remember to store the scooter in an area free from rain or moisture and away from direct sunlight.

How to Transport the Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

Transporting the Heartway S21 Passport EasyMobe auto folding 3-wheel mobility scooter for sale couldn’t be easier! All that you would need to do is fold down the backrest of the seat, then press the red button on the scooter for three seconds, the scooter will automatically fold up, or just hit the button on your key FOB for easier folding. When you want to fold out the scooter for use, simply insert the key into the ignition to turn the scooter on, using either the key FOB or pressing the green button, the scooter will automatically fold out and you can be on your way! Because this scooter only has ground clearance of 1.38 inches, many people also purchase a threshold ramp for easy entrance into their home. At Mobility Scooters Direct.com, we have a full line of ramps available to make your life even easier! To see the listing of ramps available, click here.

Discounted Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter for Sale.

As the Heartway S21 Passport EasyMove auto folding 3-wheel mobility scooter for sale may be the lightest mobility scooter found online, it is also great for travel. With a travel distance of 6.8 miles per charge, this scooter is set to no boundaries when you are shopping at the mall, or out for a ride around the park. With a weight capacity of 250 pounds, this mobility scooter is sure to get you around in no time. The PASSPORT EasyMove features flat free tires, which will not leave you stranded like the potential of pneumatic or air filled tires. When you purchase the PASSPORT automatic folding mobility scooter by Heartway, you will also receive a suitcase for airline travel, and a certificate for plane travel. With the superior light weight mobility scooter, you can easily fit this product in the trunk of your car or in the back seat. The Heartway S21 PASSPORT is the latest automatic folding FDA approved electric scooter on the market. Click here to view other folding mobility scooters for sale.

EasyMove S21A Special Features

  • Automatic Folding and Unfolding with the press of a remote key FOB key
  • Backup folding and unfolding button located on the rear of the scooter
  • Long lasting lithium battery
  • Ultra lightweight only weighing 44 pounds
  • LED Headlight for night time visibility while on strolls
  • Height adjustable tiller, key ignition, dual ambidextrous throttle
  • Emergency battery jumper cable for quick charging
  • European CE Certified, and FDA Certified
  • Comes with a tough nylon carry bag for easy travels.
  • Supports up to 250 lbs and can travel up to 6.8 miles per charge

Heartway S21 Lightest Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter for Sale

As most travelers want to carry less weight that they pack, you probably are thinking the same when it comes to your mobility scooter. This particular electric folding mobility scooter provides your needs because it is super lightweight. Weighing in at only 44 pounds, the S21 EasyMove ultra lightweight mobility scooter, weighs less than your average checked baggage.

Online User Manual and Literature

Click here to read or download the Passport Auto Folding Mobility Scooter Online Owner Manual.

Click here to read or download the S21 Passport Auto Folding Mobility Scooter product brochure.

Two Year Limited Warranty

Products are to be fit for purpose and of excellent quality and performance. For valid warranty claims Heartway will, at their discretion, replace/ repair/ refund items mutually agreed to be defective. Heartway’s Warranty as Following: Frame: Two-year limited warranty. Controllers: One-and-a-half-year limited warranty. Electronic Components and Charger: One-year limited warranty. Warranty Exclusion. The following items are not covered by warranty. Consumable parts, cushions, motor brushes, fuses, bulbs. Any damage or defect of any nature occurring from the misuse, abuse of the product, improper operation or improper storage is not to be covered. The warranty is to start from the date of arrival of our products. Normally, the average lifespan of a scooter will last 5-year long. Heartway will be able to provide the spare-part support for five-year long after scooters purchased. Note: If you encounter a damaged or cracked battery, please enclose it in a plastic bag, call an authorized dealer immediately for instructions on disposal and recycling. For more information regarding the warranty of this product, please view the user manual from the link above.

Product Details

Product Details

UPC# 853222005915
Manufacturer Heartway USA
Maximum Speed 3.8 MPH
Travel Range Up to 6.8 miles per charge
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Weight of Product 44 lbs
Battery Weight 2 lbs
Turning Radius 30.7"
Ground Clearance 1.38"
Heaviest Piece 42lbs
Seat Width 16"
Seat Depths 12.6"
Back Height 13"
Maximum Seat to Floor Height 20"
Overall Width 16.5" unfolded, 17.5" folded
Overall Length 33.8"
Battery Charger Type 3 Amp 24 VDC, input: 110/240 Vac, Off Board Li‐Ion Charger
Drive Wheel Size 8" x 2" solid, flat free,
Controller Type Dynamic R‐Series 50A
Tire Type Solid; flat free, black
Front Wheel Size 7" x 1.6" Solid, flat free, black
Braking System Electromagnetic
Motor Size 180 watt 24 volt

Heartway S21 PASSPORT EasyMove Auto Folding Scooter. FREE Shipping Travel Range: 6.8 Miles Max Speed 3.8MPH Weight Capacity: 250lbs

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  • Brand: Heartway USA
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