Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter

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Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter for Sale

The 3-Wheel Pride Victory 10.2 mobility scooter is the newest iteration of Pride's Victory line. Redesigned with the user in mind, this 3-wheel Pride Victory 10.2 has new features that are sure to make a bold statement in the industry. The revamping of the Pride Victory 10.2 3-wheel was the result of Pride Mobility listening to their customers feedback since the release of the Victory 10. By listening to their customers' feedback, we strongly believe this is one of the strongest products they have put out to date. However, you'll have to be the judge!

The Pride Victory 10.2 3-wheel is fantastic because of the new features. We'll review them and give our opinion on each and every one of the new features to try and help you make an educated decision if this is the right scooter for you or now.

This brings us to the first feature which is so novel that Pride Mobility has actually applied for a patent! This feature is for ease of disassembly and it can now be disassembled with one hand! Gone are the days of wrestling with a heavy mobility scooter in an attempt to disassemble. Many of our customers don't have the strength or energy to muscle a mobility scooter into disassembly. If you are looking for easy disassembly with one hand, this 3-wheel Pride Victory 10.2 handicap scooter may just be the right scooter for you.

The redesigned tiller also brings about new features that were simply not available in previous generations of the Victory 10. One really cool feature is the LED light features. You get not just one but multiple bright LED lights. Each one has their unique job to do and the LED lights do them well. The first would be a puddle light which allows you to easily see your legs and feet at night. This is very helpful to give the user peace of mind during operation at night. The second LED light is positioned at a low angle and is also adjustable. You can think of this as a pathway light as it will easily illuminate the path in front of your mobility scooter. We're not done yet! Pride Mobility didn't stop there. They also included integrated storage into the tiller along with a cup holder to hold your favorite beverage while you are in transit to your destination.

The tiller also is not in a fixed position. Some people are more comfortable operating mobility scooters at different angles. This is because not everyone has the same exact dimensions such as arm length, torso length, etc. While on the topic of operating the 3-wheel Victory 10.2 disability scooter in a comfortable manner, let's talk about the padded seats. You will immediately notice two features which are a 360 degree pivot along with a sliding seat. Similar to the adjustable tiller, this allows you to fine-tune your 3-wheel Victory 10.2 mobility scooter further to your ideal dimensions. The last feature of the tiller was brought to you for pure convenience. With the modern day and age that we live in, nearly everyone has multiple devices which require charging by USB. The new 3-wheel Victory 10.2 mobility scooter for sale will come equipped with a USB charging port for your convenience.

Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter Features & Highlights

  • Model: S6102
  • Easy one-handed Feather Touch Dissassembly to easily transport in vehicle.
  • New tiller mounted puddle light to see your legs and feet at night.
  • Frosted front LED lights and low angle adjustable solo light for a pathway view.
  • Intergrated storage and cupholder on the tiller.
  • Easy angle adjustable tiller with oversized knob.
  • Delta tiller featuring wrap around handle bars for trigger finger operation.
  • A padded seat that features, 360 degree pivot and sliding seat for adjusted comfort.
  • USB charger port and battery charging port conveniently located on the tiller for ease of use.

Pride Victory 10.2 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Downloadable Content

Click here to download the Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter User's Manual.

Click here to download the Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter Product Brochure.

Click here to download the Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Consumer Safety Guide.

Pride Mobility Victory 10.2 Product Warranty

Limited Three Year Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct is proud to back Pride Mobility’s scooter and power wheelchairs manufacturer warranty. For three years from the original date of purchase, Pride will repair or replace at their option to the original purchaser. This warranty is not transferable and is covered by an authorized Pride Mobility provider or technician. The following parts if found upon examination to be defective in material or workmanship include the main frame, fork assembly, seat post, and tiller frame.

Limited Two Year Warranty

For one year from the original date of purchase, Pride will repair or replace at their option to the original purchaser, free of charge, any of the following parts that are found defective by an authorized provider of Pride Mobility, the transaxle, brake, bushings, bearings, motor brake (electronic function only), electronic controllers, joysticks, chargers, wire harnesses, and any other electronic subassembly.

Limited Six Month Warranty

The batteries in your unit are covered by a separate six month warranty provided by the battery manufacturer and they are not warranted by Pride Mobility whatsoever.

Reconditioned Units Warranty

All recondition units are covered by a six month warranty from the original date of purchase.

Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not provide for the items that may require replacement due to normal wear and tear. Those items as follow, the ABS plastic shrouds, motor brushes, upholstery and seating, brake pads, tires and tubes, and fuses and bulbs.
They also do not cover circumstances beyond the control of Pride Mobility. Labor, service, shipping and any other charges for repair of the product, unless specifically authorized in advance by Pride Mobility. No repair and or modifications to the units in any part without specific consent from Pride Mobility. Exclusions also include contamination, abuse, misuse, accident or negligence, battery fluid spillage or leakage, use other than normal design specifications, improper operation, maintenance, or storage.

Please note that if there is an increased operational noise in the transaxle, the warranty will not apply. This means the unit was abused and excessive strain was put on the scooter or power wheelchair. Batteries found to be completely discharged will not be warranted. Batteries found to have gradual deterioration will also not be covered under warranted because of normal wear and tear use. For more specific warranty information to a specific product please read the user manual provided online or with the product.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Pride
Maximum Speed 5.5 MPH
Travel Range Up to 11 - 13.5 Miles (battery variant)
Weight Capacity 400 lbs.
Weight of Product 130.25 lbs. (without batteries)
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Battery Charger 3.5-amp off-board (U-1) - 5-amp off-board (40 AH)
Battery Size 13v 35 AH (standard) - 12v 40ah (upgrade)
Battery Weight (U-1) 24.5 lbs. / EA - (40 AH) 32.5 lbs. /EA
Brake Electromagnetic
Flip-Back Armrests Yes
Ground Clearance 2.50"
Heaviest Piece 56.5 lbs. (front section)
Overall Length 45"
Overall Width 22.25"
Seat Rotation Yes
Seat Type Folding, Padded
Seat Options Yes
Seat to ground height 22 - 25"
Turning Radius 42"
Weight w/Batteries 179.25 lbs. (U1) - 195.25 lbs. (40ah batteries)
Wheels: Front 3.5"x10" SOLID / FLAT FREE
Wheels: Rear 3.5"x10" SOLID / FLAT FREE

Pride Victory 10.2 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. FREE Shipping Travel Range: Up To 11-13.5 Miles Max. Speed: 5.2 MPH Weight Capacity: 400lbs

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  • Brand: Pride
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