Pride Victory 9 Mobility Scooter | 3-Wheel

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The Pride Victory 9 Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel for Sale Highlights.

When looking to buy the best priced Pride Mobility scooter for sale online, buy with confidence through Mobility Scooters We have ties with manufacturers like Pride Mobility which gives us not only the best quality of products, but we can also offer users handicap scooters like the Pride Victory 9 mobility scooter, at the lowest cost. Equipped with an 18 inch by 17-inch folding seat, the Pride Victory 9 3-wheel mobility scooter is supportive and can hold riders up to 300 pounds comfortably. Pride Mobility is giving Mobility Scooters Direct the green light to offer discounted pricing on the Pride Victory mobility scooter for sale in 3-wheel, so call us today!

Where is the Affordable Victory 9 Mobility Scooter Best for Travel?

This economical scooter is drivable both indoors and out. With speed capabilities of up to 5.25 miles per hour and up to 13 miles of drive range per full battery charge, this scooter is hard to beat in both price and durability. The ground to seat height range is 1-.25 to 20.75 making it perfect for those with a smaller body frame to ride comfortably all day long. The turning radius is at 40.25 with a ground clearance of two inches at mid-frame which will allow the rider to confidently travel through crowded areas and ride over basic thresholds to stores and restaurants. The over width of the base is just over 22 inches, so entering rooms in a home should not be a problem. If you have large furniture, you may want to rearrange for easy maneuverability, though. For evening time use, the scooter is equipped with a high-intensity LED headlight to illuminate the way ahead, and the horn will allow you to let others know that you are around.

Comfort Factors of the Pride Victory 9 Mobility Scooter.

The pinch-less seat with sliders and viscoelastic foam inserts will increase your comfort while out riding on the mobility scooter. Viscoelastic foam also known as memory foam conforms to the shape of the rider and offers pressure relief and longer comfort life to the seat. This special foam disperses your weight over the entire surface allowing for an enhanced ride. Depending on your body size, many adjustments can be made for optimal comfort for any individual. Parts that are adjustable are the armrests, which can move inward or outward, the tiller angle, and the seat is adjustable front to back or by height position. Also, this scooter is easy to clean. To clean the tires, bumpers, and trim, you can use a rubber or vinyl cleaner and for the body and seat, use a non-abrasive cleaner with a damp cloth.

How to Transport the Pride Victory 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

Since this mobility scooter can be disassembled into just a few lightweight parts, you can easily transport it with you wherever the road takes you. With the heaviest part weighing only 48.5 pounds, most anyone can lift it into the trunk or into the back seat of a car. One item that you may want to consider purchasing is a threshold ramp, especially if you want to take the Pride Victory with you on the go. The Drive Single fold ramp comes with a carry bag so you can safely and easily transport it along with the scooter. This single fold travel ramp is one of the best on the market and is easy to use anywhere. Standard at 2 feet, it will allow you to travel over basic thresholds while in your scooter with ease. You can also customize it and add more foot length for steps or higher threshold capabilities.

Discounted Pride Victory 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter for Sale.

When shopping on Mobility Scooters and looking for a full-sized mobility scooter, look no further. The Pride Mobility Victory 9 3-wheeled scooter offers an abundant amount of power and stability. This electric scooter can take you all through town, maintaining your independence. This Pride Victory 9 3-wheel mobility scooter is an excellent scooter for those who want to go a bit faster than with the average battery powered scooter. When shopping for a medical scooter, chose a scooter that will fit you. This full-size, 3-wheel Pride Victory 9 mobility scooter for sale is a great solution to those who know just what they want. It has everything from quality parts and absolute dependability. Click here to view all of Pride Mobility's Scooters that we offer. Or to see all of the other mobility scooters offered by Mobility Scooters, click here.

The Pride Mobility Victory 9 - 3 wheel mobility scooter for sale

  • Model: SC609
  • UPC:  606509522540
  • Full size for ordoor use and retirement communities.
  • Angle adjustable tiller, and sliding seat that fits for almost anyone.
  • Charges at the control unit, for ease of access.
  • Safely travel within FAA guidelines with ADA regulations.
  • Bright LED lamp for night time use and a crushproof front basket.

Download the Victory 9 User Manual, Warranty, and Product Brochue

Click here to download the Pride Mobility Victory 9 Mobility Scooter Manual and warranty information.

Click Here to download the Pride Mobility Victory 9 Product Brochure.

Click Here to download the Pride Mobility Victory 9 Consumer Safety Guide.

Product Details

Product Details

UPC# 606509522540
Manufacturer Pride
Maximum Speed Up to 5.25 MPH
Travel Range Up to 13 miles
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Weight of Product 117.5 lbs
Weight Without Batteries 117.5 lbs
Battery Weight 24.5 lbs (battery case included)
Turning Radius 40.25"
Ground Clearance 2.00"
Heaviest Piece 48.5 lbs. (Front section)
Maximum Incline Rating
Armrest Options flip back, removable, adjustable height & width
Seat Options Foldable, Molded Plastic (18"x17")
Seat Width 18"
Maximum Seat to Floor Height 19.25"-20.75"
Overall Width 22.25"
Overall Length 43.5"
Max Seat to Ground Height 19.25"-20.75"
Batteries U1 battery (x2)
Battery Charger Type Off-board, 3.5A
Rear Wheel Size 3" x 9" Solid / flat free
Drive Wheel Size 9"
Suspension No
Power Elevating Seat No
Flip-Back Armrests Yes
Front Wheel Size 3" x 8" Solid / flat freee
Basket Included Yes
Braking System Electromagnetic
Motor Size 1

Pride Victory 9 Mobility Scooter | 3-Wheel. FREE Shipping Travel Range: 13 Miles Max. Speed: 5.25MPH Weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Price: $1,549.00 - In stock
  • Brand: Pride
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