Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter

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Buy the Mobie Folding 4 -Wheel Mobility Scooter.

This Mobie folding mobility scooter for sale offered by Solax Mobility is growing in popularity. When looking for an affordable folding travel scooter allow us to help. Mobility Scooters has a direct relationship with Solax, so we are able to offer our customers direct manufacturer pricing. This scooter can be purchased in black, red, or blue and is perfect for getting around town or for using in your own home. Built with comfort and reliability in mind, this scooter is great for anyone who needs a bit of help getting around. 

This product has been discontinued and replaced with the new model: CLICK HERE to view the Solax Mobie Plus

Where is the Affordable Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter Best for Travel?

The Mobie is an easy to use folding mobility scooter that allows the user a safe and practical way to get around town when walking the distance has become difficult. As with any scooter, make sure to get familiar with the control settings before taking the scooter outside or in a highly populated area to avoid accidents or injury to yourself or others. Always be aware of slippery areas and steep slopes while operating the Mobie, also, remember to turn corners at a slower speed to ensure your safety. With this being said, always be aware of your surroundings while riding your scooter. This scooter is designed for either outside or in home use. The max speed is at 3.75 miles per hour and has a travel range of 13.50 miles on a full battery making it a great mobility scooter for neighborhood travel, malls, shopping stores, and community centers. The incline rate is at 8 degrees, so you can go up ramps with ease. With the overall width of 17.21 inches, you can very effortlessly ride this scooter in your home and it will pass through standard doorways with no problem.

Comfort Factors of the Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter.

The Mobie folding mobility scooter is easy to use no matter where you are riding it. With the simple action needed to operate this scooter, you will have complete control while driving. The control panel allows you to see the battery indicator and the steering handle is a basic left and right process. The speed control levers allow the rider to go faster or slower with just a pull or let go of the throttle. Depending on your height, you can adjust the tiller to meet your individual requirements. The seat offers padded comfort for all day use whether riding at the mall, or on the sidewalk of your favorite park. The Mobie will allow you to gain your independence back and will give you the freedom to travel with friend or family. For extra comfort, you can also order armrests to attach to the scooter.

How to Transport the Mobie Folding 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

A great benefit to the Mobie folding mobility scooter is its compact and foldable design. It literally folds down and transports much like a wheeled suitcase. The Mobie is airline, train, and boat friendly, however, we recommend that you contact the individual company for specific details. There really is no need for purchasing a lift system for your vehicle to transport the Mobie because once folded, it easily fits into the trunk of your car or into the back of your van or SUV. Due to the ground clearance of 1.6 inches, a threshold ramp is recommended. If you have a small rise threshold in your home, the PVI Stone Cap rubber threshold ramp will be a perfect solution for easy access. Perfect for safely going from room to room that is separated by a threshold or for an area that has sliding glass door tracks. You can purchase this ramp in multiple sizes to fit the area that is needed. To read more about the PVI or any of the other threshold ramps available, click here.

Discounted Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter for Sale.

This Solax Mobie folding mobility scooter is a great scooter for using inside or outside. When shopping for a folding scooter you should keep in mind the total weight of the scooter. The Mobie weighs only 75 pounds with the battery in and 54 pounds when the battery is taken out. Shop with confidence when you purchase from Mobility Scooters We offer not only the lowest prices on the internet but the widest selection of products by almost every manufacturer. The Mobie is a great option if you're considering a light-weight folding mobility scooter, you can always view the rest of our options on our folding mobility scooters page. Alternatively, if you'd like to see a complete list of all our mobility scooters with the option to use inventory filters (i.e. price, brand, speed etc.) click on the main tab at the top of the page.

The Solax Mobie is a Reliable Mobility Scooter

  • Model: S2041
  • Foldable for Easy Storage & Transport
  • Only Weighs 54 lbs 
  • 24V 10Ah Lithium Battery
  • Runs on 6" & 7" Solid Tires

This product has been discontinued and replaced with the new model: CLICK HERE to see the Solax Mobie Plus

User Manual & Product Brochure

Click here to download the Mobie 4-Wheel Folding Mobility Scooter Owner Manual.

Click here to download the Mobie 4-Wheel Folding Mobility Scooter Online Product Brochure.

Limited One Year Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct honors Solax Mobility product warranty to those who purchase from us. Solax backs their product with a limited one year warranty.

Mechanical Parts:One year warranty parts and labor from the original date of purchase Battery Battery is warrantied for a period of 6 months from the original date of purchase. First 30 days from purchase Solax Mobility will pay shipping to and from your place of residence. You will need to provide a receipt of purchase, with the date visible. After 30 days from purchase You will pay to have the unit shipped to Solax Mobility service location. You will need to insure the shipment for the value of the entire purchase amount of the mobility device.

Warranty Exclusions The following instances will void your limited one year warranty, misuse, improper operation, the use of non-authorized parts, mechanical damage caused by accident or misuse, consumables such as inner core and outer tires, bearing that are not covered, unauthorized changes to the design, damage caused by natural disaster. Maintenance is not covered by warranty and must be handled by a Solax Mobility authorized provider. This warranty applies to the original owner of the scooter and is not transferable. Please read your user manual for a more specific warranty read out.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Solax Mobility
Maximum Speed 3.75 mph
Travel Range 13.50 miles
Weight of Product 75 lbs
Ground Clearance 1.60"
Heaviest Piece 54 lbs.
Maximum Incline Rating 8
Overall Length 17.5"
Wheel Type Four-Wheeled
Front Wheel Size 6"

Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter. FREE Shipping Travel Range: 13.5 Miles Max. Speed: 3.75MPH Weight Capacity: 300lbs

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  • Brand: Solax Mobility