CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel

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CTM HS 295 Mobility Scooter For Sale Best Price

The all new CTM Home Care HS-295 4 wheel mobility scooter is CTM Home Care's latest product sold exclusively by Mobility Scooters Direct. In Mobility Scooters Direct's opinion that this great and reliable mobility scooter resembles the Lynx 4 wheel mobility scooter. The HS-295 mobility scooter appears to be more updated and filled with quality electronics that gives you the satisfaction and security of owning well made product. It disassembles into 4 main parts very easily and is an affordable CTM scooter that goes a long way on a single charge, 6 miles to be exact. The weight capacity of this scooter is 300 pounds and the scooter certainly compensates its low weight capacity by offering a top speed of 5 miles per hour which is great for many reasons. Enjoy the freedom of mobility with this state of the art mobility scooter at a shopping mall, museum, park or even at home. This mobility scooter has a great turning radius and is known to be a very durable, long lasting scooter that doesn't need to have it's batteries replaced often like most power scooters on the market.

CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter for Sale

If you’re shopping online for a great and reliable compact 4 wheel scooter Mobility Scooters Direct deals directly with manufacturers such as C.T.M. Homecare so getting you the best rates on scooters like The HS-295 is not an issue. The CTM HS-295 mobility scooter is very compact weighing only about 102 lbs it’s easy to assemble and store or transport. Capable of going 5 mph The HS-295 can support up to 300 lbs for an average body size and run 6 miles between each charge. Add in its turning radius of 51” and you will see maneuverability is not an issue. Loaded with a 18” padded and adjustable seat you will see for such a compact handicap scooter the CTM HS-295 mobility scooter is very reliable and worth the purchase and with our amazing deals and direct relationships to manufacturers like C.T.M. Homecare, Mobility Scooters Direct with offer rock bottom pricing that is unbeatable on this CTM HS-295 mobility scooter for sale!

Like always, when you purchase a mobility scooter by CTM from us, you get a wide selection of elderly scooters made by CTM Homecare at wholesale prices. Purchase your very own CTM HS-295 mobility scooter for sale today for the lowest price guaranteed!

The CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter is a great option if you're looking to purchase an affordable travel electric mobility scooter, you can always view the rest of our options on our travel mobility scooters page. Alternatively, if you'd like to see a complete list of all our reliable eletric mobility scooters with the option to use inventory filters (i.e. price, brand, speed etc) click on the main tab at the top of the page. Click here if you want to see all of CTM Mobility Scooters that we offer.

Why the CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter is Great for Travel

  • Model: HS-295
  • Flat-Free Tires
  • Only Weighs 102 lbs
  • Foldable Tiller
  • Fits in the trunk of most vehicles and FAA airplane compliant

Online User Manual

Click here to read or download the CTM HS 295 mobility scooter Online Owner Manual.

Limited Three Year Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct honors CTM Homecare’s manufacturer warranty. This warranty is not transferable and is in place from the original date of purchase. This limited warranty includes any defective parts from workmanship including the frame, tiller, and any other structural portion of the scooter including the welds on the frame.

Limited 13 Months Warranty

The following items will be warranted by CTM Homecare under defective and workmanship at CTM Homecare’s discretion, motor, brakes, transaxle, and electrical components including electric brake, wire harnesses and any other subcategory pertaining to the electronics.

Limited 6 Month Warranty

CTM will warranty your batteries if they were purchased from them with the order of the mobility device. Batteries bought from another party will not be covered under this warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

The following will not be warranted by these warranties by CTM Homecare, body panels, shroud and cowlings, consumable wear and tear items such as tires, tubes, brake pads and motor brushes and bearings. It will also exclude upholstery, seating and armrests. This warranty will also not cover damage by any act by nature, damage resulting from liquid or corrosion to electronics, damage resulting in unauthorized repair or modification, damage resulting from negligent operation, storage, and or maintenance. Labor, service calls and shipping costs for any replacement under parts warranty. These warranties are for the original owner only and cannot and will not be transferrable. CTM Homecare reserves the right to terminate or honor this warranty under the specific guidelines set forth. For more information regarding a product specific warranty please read the online manual or the manual that came with your mobility device.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer CTM
Maximum Speed 5 MPH
Travel Range 6 Miles
Weight Capacity 300 lbs
Weight of Product 102 lbs
Weight Without Batteries 87lbs
Battery Weight 25lbs
Turning Radius 51"
Ground Clearance 1.60"
Maximum Incline Rating 8 Degrees
Seat Width 18"
Seat Depths 16"
Overall Width 19.9"
Overall Length 39.8"
Frame Type Steel
Batteries 12v 12ah
Battery Charger Type 2amp Onboard
Wheel Type Flat Free - Solid Rubber
Rear Wheel Size 8"
Drive Wheel Size 8"
Suspension N/A
Tire Type Flat Free - Solid Rubber
Flip-Back Armrests Yes
Front Wheel Size 8"
Basket Included Yes
Motor Size 250 watt - 4650rpm

CTM HS-295 Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. FREE Shipping Travel Range: 6 Miles Max. Speed: 5MPH Weight Capacity: 300lbs

  • Price: $1,548.00 - In stock
  • Brand: CTM
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