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Freerider Mobility Scooters for sale online at the lowest prices! Check out our inventory and enjoy the best price on Free-Rider handicap scooters and power mobility units. Simply hover over or click on any product image below.  Read more
For many people who suffer from mobility restrictions, a Free Rider battery-powered scooter is an appealing substitute for a wheelchair or walker. Many of our scooters are oftentimes easier to handle and tend to weigh less than powered wheelchairs. Free Rider Mobility Scooters are also more aesthetically appealing to many people, than a walker or bulky manual wheelchair.

With dozens of options from which to choose, there are Free Rider mobility scooters for sale for everyone, no matter the restriction. Before choosing which Free Rider Scooter to purchase, it is important to understand the components of each—which features suit the needs of the buyer. Free Riders options vary in price and performance. From the smaller, more compact, Luggies, all the way to deluxe scooters, they provide mobility for any needs.

Free Rider Foldable Mobility Scooters Options

The Luggie is one of the world’s lightest mobility scooters. With a lightweight design, the Luggie easily fits inside trunks, folds up small enough to fit into luggage, and is easy to use in the smallest spaces. The alloy aluminum chassis and adjustable tiller make it not only sturdy, but comfortable as well. These Free Rider mobility scooters carry up to 250 pounds.

The Luggie Elite offers a larger seat and bigger battery than the original Luggie. With the same storage and movability, the Elite can hold up to 320 pounds with maximum stability.

Other Options in Free Rider Travel Mobility Scooters

The Mini Ranger is used for day-to-day travel. It is easily broken down into two pieces, making for convenient trunk travel. The battery life is around 10 miles, and the compact width makes it possible to fit through most standard sized doors.

The mini scooters come in various sizes, but each has three wheels. Each is equipped with folding ability and comparable battery life.

The mid-size scooters are four-wheeled, and each comes with cushioned seating that rotates 360 degrees. Each mid-sized Free Rider scooter also comes with a blinker light, taillights, and headlights, for safety.

For comfort, the mid-size Free Ride mobility scooters can carry up to 350 pounds with a battery range of over 15 miles. Providing comfort with a cushioned seat and adjustable arms, this scooter offers convenience and mobility assistance.

The standard and deluxe scooters offered by Free Rider come in many great styles with tons of amenities, depending upon each customer’s needs. Most have easy-to-use controls, seat adjustability, front and backlights, blinkers, left-hand brakes, and shock absorbers. Designed for full mobility, these Free Rider scooters don’t disappoint on durability or performance. With a battery life of over 30 miles and a speed of up to 9.5 miles per hour, the standard and deluxe Free Rider scooters provide an all access pass to anyone who has missed maneuverability.

People who get winded easily from walking in the store, the neighborhood, or just around the home can benefit, greatly, with a Free Rider mobility scooters. Maintaining independence is important for everyone. With a mobility scooter, moving from place to place can be much easier. Free Rider mobility scooters for sale offer its customers a sleek, stylish, comfortable way to stay in touch with the world around while maintaining independence.

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