Buzzaround XL Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel Pink Breast Cancer Awareness

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Buy the Pink BuzzAround XL Mobility Scooter 4-wheel in Support of Breast Cancer.

This Golden Technologies BuzzAround XL Mobility scooter 4-wheel version is a great way to show your support for Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Proceeds are donated to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation by Mobility Scooters Direct for the color pink panel kits. The 4-wheel allows for great turning abilities and it is capable of going up to 4.5 mph. It has a range up to 5.5 miles between charges and a convenient charge port under the tiller. The stadium style seat (17”x 16”) can adjust by both the height or the width and it can hold up to 300 lbs. In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation proceeds from the sale of the Pink shroud kits will be donated.

Where is the Affordable Pink BuzzAround XL Mobility Scooter Best for Travel?

When you are wanting your independence back and be able to be out in the community, the BuzzAround XL 4-Wheel mobility scooter is for you. With easy assembly and disassembly, you can get to where you want to be with ease. When taken apart for transport, the heaviest piece is only 41 pounds. You can effortlessly arrange the scooter parts into the trunk of your car with room left over for your shopping purchases. This comfortable and convenient scooter offers the rider with more leg room than other scooters and has a comfortable 20-inch plush back vinyl seat for all day traveling. You can adjust the seat to your preference and for easy in and out, the armrests flip back. For those with hand or arm weakness, it is great to know that this scooter will allow for a safe one-handed operation. The incline rating is at 6 degrees so you can go over thresholds at stores easily. For indoor use, the BuzzAround XL travel scooter give you a tight turning radius of 48.5 inches so you will be able to turn down isles or corners without a problem. Use of either indoors or out, this mobility scooter will exceed your expectations!

Comfort Factors of Pink BuzzAround the Mobility Scooter.

The rear-wheel drive offers the rider with better traction for going over humps and bumps they may come across while driving. With the four 8-inch tires, your body won’t be jarred while going over semi-rough terrain. The wrap around anti-slip Delta tiller is simple to maneuver for more comfort and the new design offers you understandable controls. The steering mechanism is easy, just pull down on the handle and turn in the direction that you are headed. The LED battery light lets you know exactly when you will need a charge and the one button speed control goes from faster to slower by just a turn of the knob. When you want great value, features, comfortability, and style, the BuzzAround is the travel mobility scooter that will fit all of your needs.

Discounted Pink BuzzAround Breast Cancer Support Mobility Scooter for Sale.

Together, we can all do our part in helping the fight against Breast Cancer! In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation proceeds from the sale of the Pink shroud kits will be donated. Mobility Scooters Direct is always here to help provide you with great choices and if you’re looking for something stylish yet reliable and easy to travel with we may be able to help! The BuzzAround XL mobility scooter in 4-wheelconfiguration by Golden Technologies is a great choice. Mobility Scooters Directs relationship with Golden Technologies allows us to bring the BuzzAround XL 4-wheel mobility scooter for a sale price to make it much cheaper and more affordable buying from online from us! Like always, when you are buying a mobility scooter by Golden from us, you get to choose from a selection of elderly scooters made by Golden Technology at wholesale prices. Purchase your very own BuzzAround XL mobility scooter for sale in 4-wheelconfiguration today, for the cheapest price guaranteed! The Buzzaround XL is a great option if you're considering one of the most durable travel mobility scooter, you can always view the rest of our options on our travel mobility scooters page. Alternatively, if you'd like to see a complete list of all our top of the line mobility scooters with the option to use inventory filters (i.e. price, brand, speed etc.) click on the main tab at the top of the page. Click here to view all Golden Technologies Mobility Scooters that we offer.

To see where your Golden Technologies Buzzaround Scooter will ship from, check out the FAQ page that explains where their distribution facilities are located. Want to see all of the Buzzaround models? Click here to view our Buzz Around series page that shows all of the Buzz' Arounds that we offer.

Online User Manual

Click here to read or download the Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Online Owner Manual.

Click here to read or download the Buzzaround XL 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter Online Product Brochure.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct honors a manufacturer’s warranty on Golden Technologies for one year. The warranty for Golden Technologies generally covers any mobility scooter for a Lifetime Limited Warranty and as an Authorized Golden Technologies’ Provider our goal is to help fulfill any warranty on parts for 1 year from the date of purchase. The consumer must have the warranty registration card filled out and sent to Golden Technologies.

For the entire life of the scooter if the frame of the scooter is damaged found to be defective, Golden Technologies will repair or replace at their option to have the product repaired. Customer must provide pictures and have an authorized dealer in to report a warranty inquiry. The parts include the steel frame, tiller frame, seat post, frame welds, and front fork assembly.

Two Year Limited Warranty

For the period of two years from the date of purchase, if defective materials or workmanship Golden Technologies will repair or replace at their option, any new or reconditioned components as follows, the transaxle, motor brake assembly (electrical function only), electronic controller, dash assembly, wire harnesses, battery chargers, and potentiometer assemblies.

Note: While charging the batteries, it is normal for the battery charger to heat up. The charger is not defective.

One Year Limited Warranty

For the period of one year from the date of purchase, if defective parts are confirmed Golden Technologies will warranty bearing, bushings, rubber components, plastic components (excludes body), seat swivel mechanism, and arm rests.

Warranty Exclusions

Golden Technologies does not provide warranty on any of the items that may require replacements due to normal wear and tear of day to day usage, tires and tubes, abs plastic shrouds, armrest pads, motor brushes, brake pads, bulbs, fuses, and upholstery.

The warranty also excludes the following, loss or theft of items or unit, damages caused by battery fluid or leakage, abuse, misuse, accident or negligence. It also does not cover improper operation, maintenance or storage. It also does not cover commercial use or other than normal, exceeding the weight capacity of the unit. They do not cover repairs by an unauthorized person once the unit has been tampered with, or circumstances beyond the control of Golden Technologies.

Warranty Service

Warranty work must be performed at an authorized Golden Technologies provider. A third party who does not deal direct with Golden is not authorized to perform work on any Golden Technologies products. All work is warrantied at Golden Technologies discretion. Please read your manual to read the full warranty on your specific product.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Golden Technologies
Maximum Speed 4 MPH
Travel Range 7.5 Miles
Weight Capacity 300 LBS
Weight of Product 110 LBS
Battery Charger Off Board
Battery Size 12AH
Battery Weight 21 LBS
Brake Electromagnetic
Curb Climbing 6*
Flip-Back Armrests Yes
Grade Climbable 6*
Ground Clearance 2.50"
Overall Length 42"
Overall Width 22"
Seat Width 20"
Total Weight 110 LBS
Turning Radius 48.5"
Weight w/Batteries 110 LBS
Wheels: Front 8"
Wheels: Rear 8"

Buzzaround XL Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel Pink Breast Cancer Awareness . FREE Shipping Pink Buzzaround XL Scooter Breast Cancer Awareness Proceeds to Breast Cancer Association

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