Mobility Scooter Lifts

Some of the best mobility scooter lifts for cars or trucks can be found right here on our website. We offer discounted lifts for mobility scooters and wheelchairs designed by almost every manufacturer in the world.  Read more
There are two primary types of mobility scooter lifts: the ones used for vehicles and the ones used for homes or other buildings. These lifts make it easy to take your scooter along when you are going to the grocery store, or visiting friends or family. Additionally, home mobility lifts offer you the ability to move your scooter from downstairs to upstairs with ease, and without the need for additional help.

Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lifts For Sale

If you are interested in a lift to place on your vehicle for your mobility scooter or power chair, then there are two basic options: an inside lift, which will bring the mobility chair from the inside of the vehicle and an outside mobility chair lift, which is used to hold the chair outside of the vehicle, typically behind it.

The inside chair lift offers a number of advantages, including that it will protect your chair from the weather. It will not cause your vehicle to be longer, so there will be no alteration to the way it drives. In addition, there are some lifts that are designed to hold the chair, as well as the person who uses it.

There are four basic types of the mobility scooter lifts for vans, or other vehicles, which include: • The platform lift

• The hoist lift

• The swing or rotary lift

• The under vehicle lift

The outside mobility chair lift, which is a more common option, does not require much modification to your vehicle, the installation is inexpensive and easy and it will not take up room inside of your vehicle.

The outside lift will typically attach to a trailer hitch that is on the back of your vehicle, making it easy to install. If your vehicle has a tailgate or rear hatch, then you may be able to purchase a swing away lift or adapter that will allow you to access even when the lift is attached.

Manual or Power Lifts

A factor that can significantly affect mobility scooter lift prices is whether you choose a manual or a power lift.

Manual Chair Lifts

The manual mobility scooter lifts for sale are obviously going to be more affordable than the power options. When they are not being used, there are some lifts that will detach and can be left behind, while others will fold up, but remain attached to the vehicle. If you do not have someone strong and able-bodied to remove the lift, then the removable option may not be right for you.

Power Chair Lifts

A majority of disabled people prefer the power wheelchair lifts. These are usually more expensive, but easier for disabled or older individuals to operate. When looking for mobility scooter lifts for vehicles, there are typically more options with the power ones, as well.

The mobility scooter lifts have come a long way in just the past few years. Additionally, our direct relationship with manufacturers means that we are able to offer wholesale pricing to the public. When looking for the best mobility scooter lifts for you, you have to consider your needs and abilities in order to find the right one for you.

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