Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair

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The Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair Can Assist Many People.

You don’t have to be elderly to enjoy the benefits of a lift chair. Perhaps you have had an injury to your back or your knee? With the help of a Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair, you don’t need to put unnecessary strain on these troublesome areas. With just the push of a button, you will safely and easily be guided to a standing position from a seated or lying down point. The LC 525 comes in 3 sizes, the LC 525 M (medium), the LC 525 iL (Large) and the LC 525 iPW (Petite-wide). Besides allowing you to get up and down with ease, the LC 525 is an infinite position chair which has other benefits that you can read about below.

Who Can Benefit from a Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair?

There are many medical conditions that a person may have in which a Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair would offer benefits. If you have one of the following medical issues, consider purchasing a lift chair:

• Stroke

• Chronic pain

• Disorders of the spine or lower lumbar region

• Leg, feet, ankle, swelling

• Neuropathy

• Hip or Knee surgery

• Arthritis

• Trouble getting in and out of bed

• Congestive heart failure

• Circulatory conditions

The infinite position chair permits you to lay in a position which will allow your legs to rest above your heart in a comfortable fashion. Many doctors recommend to their patients to do this several times a day to reduce inflammation. When your legs are elevated, it will take the pressure off of your leg veins. This encourages the blood to flow out of your veins and run through the rest of your body. If you have edema (swelling), laying with your legs elevated will allow the fluid to circulate out of your legs and will run to other areas of your body.

Sit, Recline, and Sleep on an LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair.

The LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair that we have for sale allows you to sit, sleep, and recline from many comfortable positions. The backrest and footrest work independently from each other to give you several options to achieve maximum contentment. This chair is also available in four sizes to accommodate body frame and heights from under 5’2” up to 6’2” and a weight capacity of 375 pounds. While reclining on this chair, it will support the users total body weight while allowing your back to stretch out completely. The backrest design, which is a blown-fiber split back cushion, is intended to alleviate pain and discomfort when used long-term. Feel free and comfortable to use this chair as a bed for night time sleeping as well.

The Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair Goes through Strict Testing.

Did you know that Pride lift chairs, power chairs, and scooters, need to go through product testing by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)? This is done in order to ensure safety, durability, and performance. The testing requirements are provided by the American National Standards Institute/Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (ANSI/RESNA). All of these tests are conducted in accordance with the requirements set forth by ANSI/RESNA and all of the Pride Mobility products that you can purchase have gone through this stringent testing. Some of the criteria included in the testing include:

• Fatigue and Impact strength verification

• Overall product performance

• Product durability and reliability

• Material protective coating testing

• Ergonomic – (proposed to provide ideal comfort and to avoid stress or injury) verification

• Electronic systems performance and durability

• Flammability test of foam, fabric, and plastic components

With the testing involved and the comfort that you get when purchasing the Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair, you will have a very difficult time finding another comparable lift chair beating these great discounted prices from Mobility Scooters

The Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair Will Last For Years to Come.

Learning about the stringent testing that these chairs endure before going on the market gives the users peace of mind knowing that they are getting their money’s worth. Combined with the comfort these chairs provide, you know that you will have years and years to enjoy the luxuries of this chair. The Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair can also include accessories if you desire. Select additional fixtures for the chair such as heat and massage, matching pillows, or a handy pivoting over/side table. When ordering from Mobility Scooters, make sure to indicate any add-ons that you would like. If you need help with ordering, or to see all of the mobility products that we sell, give us a call directly to answer any questions that you may have.


Pride Mobility LC-525 Infinity Collection

  • Model: LC-525
  • Zero Gravity technology with trendelburgh position
  • Luxury materials and absolute comfort
  • Supports up to 375lbs.
  • Quick Ship colors ready, builder liftchair premium fabrics.
  • Fiber blown split back
  • First Up Technology, Deluxe heat and massage, and Footrest extensions are available
  • Great for users up to 6' 6" tall
  • Modern, stylish, illuminated hand control with USB for charging devices

Check out our lift chair buyer's guide to learn more about the different types of lift chairs and which type would be right for you.

Comparison of Models for Fitting Needs

LC-525M - Medium
Seat Width: 20"
Seat Depth: 20"
Suggested for heights of 5'4" to 6'0"
Weight Capacity: 375lbs

LC-525L - Large
Seat Width: 22"
Seat Depth: 22"
Suggested for heights of 5'9" to 6'2"
Weight Capacity: 375lbs

LC-525PW - Petite Wide
Seat Width: 24"
Seat Depth: 19"
Suggested for heights of 5'3" and below
Weight Capacity: 375lbs

Downloadable Fabric Images - Product Brochures - Online User Manual

Click here to view all possible color and fabric swatches for the LC-525

Click here to view the Elegance Series LC-525 User manual.

Click here to download the LC-525 product brochure.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Mobility Scooters Direct backs Pride Mobility’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty is for the frame and frame only. It must be defective or of workmanship or materials. They also do not cover circumstances beyond the control of Pride Mobility. Labor, service, shipping and any other charges for repair of the product, unless specifically authorized in advance by Pride Mobility. No repair and or modifications to the units in any part without specific consent from Pride Mobility. Exclusions also include contamination, abuse, misuse, accident or negligence, battery fluid spillage or leakage, use other than normal design specifications, improper operation, maintenance, or storage.

Limited Seven-Year Prorated Limited Warranty

For three years from the original date of purchase, Pride Mobility will replace and repair at their option, free of any charge, any mechanical or electrical component found by examination by an authorized Pride provider to be defective in material or workmanship. This warranty does not extend to those items which may require replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. Please review the user manual for specifics and coverage on the warranty.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Pride
User Height up to to 6' 6"
Chair Sizes medium, large and petite wide
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depths up to 24" wide
Maximum Seat to Floor Height 21"
Seat Back Height 27.50"
Overall Width 37"
Back Style Split/Seam
Wall Hugger Model No
Distance from Wall Needed 17"
Heat and Massage Option Deluxe Heat & Massage
Fully Padded Chaise Yes
Extended Footrest Available No
Upholstery Options Fabric, Vinyl, Leather, Suede,Stain Resisting Fabric Crypton
Instock Models Available Yes
Arm Covers Included Yes
Headrest Cover Included Yes

Pride LC-525 Infinite Position Lift Chair. FREE Shipping Zero Gravity Sewn Split Back Capacity 375 lbs

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