Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i

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Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i Power Recliner for Sale

Who is the Pride Vivalift PLR-525i power recliner for? It was designed for the person who demands the best of the best. One who doesn't want to sacrifice any features and wants the latest and greatest technology all wrapped into one power recliner. The Pride Vivalift PLR 525i power recliner lift chair reigns supreme for a couple of different reasons.

We'll touch on the stacked list of features in a bit. However, one must truly appreciate the beauty that the PLR-525i power reclining lift chair offers. Gone are the days of everyone knowing that you have a power recliner. This is a high-end power recliner that will likely make friends and family jealous that you have one. Especially once they sit in it and enjoy everything it has to offer. Plenty of customization options ensure that you will find the perfect fabric and color combination which will look stunning in your home.

The most noteworthy feature of all is the fact that this PLR525i model has 4 motors. That is right 4 motors. Single motors were around for the longest time with 2 position or even 3 position power recliner lift chairs. However, engineers wanted to give users more flexibility so added a second motor. This second motor operated the head portion separately from the foot area. Pride engineers stepped up and introduced two additional motors. For a total of 4 motors, this VivaLift PLR 525i for sale is truly an infinite position power reclining lift chair. Adjustability is king when you purchase this model. This is proven with the trendelenburg positioning which allows you to get your feet above your head. If you are not looking for the highest end model of Pride's Infinity line, you can view other Pride Mobility power recliners for sale here.

The addition of those motors will help you fine tune your positioning. The full width power headrest will lift your head with minimal adjustments until you have found the perfect positioning for you. Some use this feature to find the perfect line of sight to watch TV, a movie, or a sports game. Others enjoy to find the perfect position while reading their favorite book. No matter the reason for finding the perfect angle for your head, the PLR 525 power recliner gets the job done. It doesn't stop there either. This head rest is also powerful enough to ensure that your neck and shoulders are perfect positioned to your liking as well! If this product is to rich in features and you would like a product lower priced infinite position lift chairs, you compare other infinite lift chair models here.

Who doesn't love a great lumbar support? They are becoming so popular that even cars are coming equipped with power lumbar supports and the PLR 525i from the Infinity Collection is no different. However, you can be sure that this lumbar support is built to last as it isn't an add on feature but a critical feature of the power recliner. The power doesn't end there. Kick-up your feet with ease with your powered footrest. If you are on the taller end of the recommended height range, fear not. This unit comes equipped with a standard footrest extension which gives you that extra length when you need it the most.

Who wants to operate a power recliner when it is difficult to do so? Not many! For this reason, Pride opted to include a soft-touch hand control. This makes operation easy to use for anyone who doesn't have full strength in their hands. Further, a USB charging port can be found on the remote which is very convenient as well. The lithium battery backup is the some of the latest battery technology on the market. Previously lead acid batteries which were OK for one-time uses were present. Not any longer with the addition of the lithium batteries which last far longer and also weigh less.

Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection Power Recliner Features & Highlights

  • Model: PLR-525i
  • True infinite position featuring 4 motors for limitless positions
  • Get your feet above your head with trendelenburg positioning.
  • Full width power headrest to lift the head, neck, and shoulders.
  • Power lumbar for personalized comfort.
  • Powered footrest with standard footrest extension.
  • Soft-Touch hand control with USB charger for your handheld devices.
  • Lithium battery backup that lasts much longer than traditional lead battery backups.
  • Beautiful and elegant design that would look great in any home environment.

Pride VivaLift! Power Recliner Setup and Instructions

User Manual & Documentation Downloads

To download the user manual for this product, click here.
To download the hand controller guide for this product, click here.

Product Details

Product Details

Manufacturer Pride
Weight Capacity 375 lbs.
User Height 5'4" - 6'0"
Seat Width 20"
Seat Depths 20"
Seat to ground height 20"
Seat Back Height 26"
Overall Width 33"
Back Style Split Back
Wall Hugger Model No
Distance from Wall Needed 20"
Heat and Massage Option No
Extended Footrest Available Yes - Standard
Upholstery Options Yes
Instock Models Available Yes
Arm Covers Included No
Headrest Cover Included No

Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i. FREE Shipping 375lb Weight Capacity Infinite Position User Height: 5'4" - 6"

  • Price: $1,499.00 - In stock
  • Brand: Pride
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