Mobility Scooter Replacement Batteries?

replacement batteries for mobility scootersMany customers will ask “what kind of batteries do mobility scooters use” or “which type of replacement batteries work for my mobility scooters\” and the answer is not that simple. Most mobility scooters use different types of batteries depending on the type of unit. For example, there are some long range mobility scooters that go a long distance on a single charge and those typically use really big batteries. Some of the lighter and more travel-friendly mobility scooters use light weight batteries.

The best thing that you can do is find out the make and model of your mobility scooter first, then contact us to see if we carry replacements. Typically, we need to know the following information about the battery:

  • Voltage (usually 12 volt).
  • Amp Hours (AH)
  • Dimensions / size  (length, width, height).

When you know the above information, it makes it very easy to find out which replacement batteries will work for your mobility scooter. Some mobility scooters require a battery case, in which case you will need to be 100% sure the batteries will fit, so taking the battery out and measuring the dimensions with a ruler or measuring tape is a great idea.

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