I Lost My Keys! How to Get Replacement Keys For a Mobility Scooter

If you rely on your mobility scooter for day-to-day transport then losing your keys can be difficult problem to find yourself in. That’s exactly what happened to our recent customer who ordered a mobility scooter with a key that is required to turn the unit on. She called our customer service line frantically saying “I lost my keys and I need a replacement set for my mobility scooter!” so we quickly and efficiently helped her get the replacement.

In order to get your mobility scooter keys replaced, you need to know a few things about your scooter such as:

  • The Make & Model
  • The Serial Number
  • The Invoice Number

Once you have these 3 things, you can call the company that sold you your mobility scooter to get the replacement. Because most mobility scooters are medical products and FDA regulated, its our policy to only sell replacement keys to existing customers. If you need help getting a replacement key made, please contact the company that you bought your scooter from first. If you can’t reach them, then try any other local medical equipment provider by searching on Google for a medical equipment company near you or by clicking here.

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