How long does it take a Solax Mobility Scooter to arrive?

Wondering where Solax Mobility Scooters ship from? Solax products ship from Groveland Florida. If you’re wondering where Solax Transformers or Mobie‘s ship from, the answer is found on the map below. The shipment usually takes between 3 and 5 business days to arrive after being shipped. If you’re wondering when your Solax Mobility Scooter will ship, if you order before 12:30 PM EST your order typically will ship the same day. If you order after 12:30 PM EST the order will likely go out the next days. The distribution center is found on the map below. Like most manufacturers, they do not sell products to customers directly. They rely on distributors like Mobility Scooters Direct to market and sell their products.

Solax Warehouse locations are subject to change as manufacturers typically will open new locations over time or sometimes they move to a new location. We will do our best to keep this page updated with accurate information regarding the ware house locations for Solax so that you know where your product like the Transformer Scooter (2017’s #1 seller) is being shipped from.

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