Do You Sell Used Mobility Scooters?

We do not sell used mobility scooters because we have had customers say they bought a used mobility scooter only to have it fail shortly after. Our scooters are sometimes as cheap as used scooters but come with a factory warranty. At Mobility Scooters Direct, our goal is to keep […]

Will My Mobility Scooter Melt in Extreme Heat / Hot Temperature?

Mobility scooters are often made of ABS plastic which can be subject to melting at 120 degrees+ . In places like Florida, Texas, California, or other areas that experience triple digit weather, it can easily hit these temperatures in garages.  We recommend keeping the mobility scooter in an AC environment. If […]

Will My Mobility Scooter Do OK in Freezing Temperatures?

Mobility scooters in freezing temperatures are not advised. This is because the batteries will be ruined once they get hit 32 Degrees. If you must store your mobility scooter in an area like a garage, which can experience these cold temperatures, we recommend getting a garage heater. Many times, these […]

Who Handles the Warranty for the Mobility Scooter Manufacturers?

The mobility scooter manufacturers that offer parts and service warranty will sub contract work with factory authorized local companies in your area. If you live in an area where factory authorized technicians are not typically available, the mobility scooter manufacturer will sub contract the company closest to your location. This […]

Which Power Wheelchair has Elevating Leg Rests?

We are often asked which power wheelchair has elevating leg rests. The most popular power wheelchair that we sell would be the Merits P327 Vision Super Power Wheelchair with the elevating leg rest option. Feel free to give our friendly staff a call if you have any other questions! Jason

What Manufacturers Include a Service Contract?

A mobility scooter & power wheelchair service contract is only for Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies, Drive Medical and Shoprider. The service contract does not include normal wear and tear. It covers manufacturer defects only for both parts and labor. Jason