CTM Homecare Warehouse Locations

If you ordered a CTM mobility scooter¬†and you’re wondering where it will ship from, you’re in the right place. CTM warehouse location data can be found below via Google Maps so you can see how far it is from your location. When you order a product before 12:00 PM EST […]

Afikim Warehouse Locations

If you’re recently ordered a Afikim Mobility Scooter, you might be wondering how long it will take to arrive or – where it will ship from. In most cases, when you order a product from our website before 12:00 PM EST, it will ship the same day. After a product […]

Where do Shoprider Products Ship From?

If you’re wondering where Shoprider warehouse locations are, you’re in the right place. Customers ask us when their Shoprider mobility scooter or Shoprider power wheelchair will ship all the. Typically it takes 3 to 5 business days for a product to arrive after being shipped. Due to unpredictable weather, holidays […]

Where do Golden Technologies products ship from?

If you’re wondering when you will receive your Buzzaround mobility scooter or any other scooter, lift chair or power wheelchair and it was made by Golden Technologies then you’re in the right place. Golden Technologies has 4 distribution facilities and they’re probably going to open a 5th one soon. Depending […]

Does the Heartway Vita Mini Disassemble?

A common question from our customers is, ” Does the Heartway Vita Mini come apart?” The absolute answer is yes. You can remove the seat. Once you remove the seat you can pull up and off the plastic shroud cover to access the batteries. While disconnecting the wire harnesses you […]

Pride Mobility Lift System Compatibility Tool

If you’re looking for a lift system compatibility tool by Pride, look no further. The compatibility tool for Pride lift systems can be found on the Pride Mobility website by clicking here. The system is often referred to as the vehicle lift system calculator by Pride Mobility. Enter the information […]