What Your Power Wheelchair Says About You

Power wheelchairs are devices that aid in mobility for persons who have disabilities, are obese, or have ailments that restrict them. For many of our customers, these devices are instrumental in their day-to-day activities.

Thomas Martinsen - UnsplashThe usual timeline for our customer is that before purchasing their power wheelchair, they’ve restricted their days to day activities that do not require excessive movement. Once they purchase their electric wheelchair, the client will begin venturing out into the world more. While they seek to accomplish more tasks, they’re still in the rut that they were in prior to purchasing a power wheelchair; but in many cases, they’ve begun to realize the opportunities that they are missing. Within a few months, everything changes. Their schedules will become filled with more and more activities. Not only do they find themselves more productive in their work, the client will be able to engage more with family and friends in local events. A question that many of our clients often wonder is the perception that they give off when they are interacting with people—whether it is during their leisure or for their 9-to-5—now having the option of engaging in more events. Obviously, the first thought that comes to mind from other people is that these persons on power wheelchairs are resilient—they will not let their life’s curveballs restrict them from seeking the most from their days.

What can also influence the initial impression is the type of power wheelchair that you use. From our company, Mobility Scooters Direct, you can access a vast inventory of power wheelchairs depending upon your intentions of its use.

The Various Specialties of Power Wheelchairs

The first type of power wheelchair specialty is a travel power wheelchair. These are recommended for all type of trips, whether it be on a road trip to various states, to a cruise-vacation with your family, to boarding airplanes to fly from one state to another. We carry the Jazzy electric wheelchair series which is one of the most well-known series of power chairs by Pride Mobility. There are over 10 different types of Jazzy wheelchairs, each of which serves a unique purpose. The Jazzy 614 HD is a heavy duty chair while the Jazzy Air is a full-sized scooter with the ability to raise and lower the seat. Check out our Jazzy series page to see all of the different Jazzy power chairs that we carry which are very reliable.

The Jimmie Power Wheelchair is among the best models in this category. It has an MSRP of $4995, but is sold from our company for $1395. This model is recommended for persons of lower weights, having a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The travel range on the model, which is 10 miles, allows you to navigate through airports with ease. The maximum speed on the model is 3.75 mph. A perk of choosing this model is that we’re currently offering free shipping on it, saving you money.

The second specialty of power wheelchairs is the full sized category. This model, while heavier than most, are durable and are good options for heavier customers that are seeking an affordable power wheelchair. The Heartway USA Rumba SR Standard Power Chair Rear Wheel Drive is a go-to model from this category. With an MSRP of $2699, this model is sold from our company at the affordable cost of $1499. Depending on the tires chosen, this model can travel 20 miles or 28 miles before needing to be recharged. The weight capacity is 300 lbs. and the maximum speed is 4.4. mph.

Merits P710 AtlantisHeavy duty power wheelchairs are the most durable of mobility aids, capable of handling unideal conditions such as damaged roads and grass plains. This ability is attributed to its fine tuned suspension system and upgraded tires. In addition, these models can hold high weight capacities. One of the best models from this category is the Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair. This option has an MSRP of $8250, but is sold from our company for $2645. This model is ideal for the heaviest persons. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs.! One reason why this model is ideal for obese customers is that in addition to supporting the persons’ weight, you can also add additional accessories so as to perfectly customize the model to your specific lifestyle. This model also excels in travel range, being capable of navigating 32 miles. The maximum speed on the model is 5 mph.

Lastly, the folding power wheelchairs are excellent for travel, due to their ability to fit easily into storage and capable of maneuvering through tight spaces. A model recommended from this category of power wheelchair is Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair. With an MSRP of $6222, this model is sold at a steep discount from our company, at the affordable price of $1499. It has a maximum speed of 5 mph; a travel range of 15 miles; and a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Purchasing Your Power Wheelchair from Mobility Scooters Direct

In conclusion, our company offers several options to ensure that you are paired with the perfect power wheelchair. The travel power wheelchair, as the name implies, is ideal for traveling long distances. This model says the owner is a frequent traveler. The full sized power wheelchair is a durable model, which says that the owner values having a tough model with a generous weight capacity. The heavy duty power wheelchair is recommended for persons that travel off-road. The owner of this model of power wheelchair doesn’t allow any type of environmental restrictions prohibiting them from accomplishing their goals for the day. Lastly, the folding power wheelchair usually has an owner that travels often and appreciates the ability for easy storage, regardless of the method of their transportation.

To purchase one of these models today, visit our website: www.mobilityscootersdirect.com. From there, you can access the models recommended from this article, or you can continue your search for a different model that is better tuned for your lifestyle. One of the reasons our company has so many loyal customers is that we offer the best deals and are easily accessible. For instance, our company is an authorized dealer of every manufacturer on our website, which allows us to guarantee the lowest price. We also offer free and same day shipping on most of our products. To communicate with a member of our team, you can initiate a LiveChat on our website or speak with a representative by phone if you call (877) 721-7748.