Mobility Scooters Direct: 100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

For our company, it is not only important that our clients have chosen the best power wheelchair or mobility scooter to fit their lifestyle. Purchasing the product is just among the early stages of our relationship. Once a scooter or power wheelchair is purchased, we promise to be there to help alleviate any problem that is encountered on the product. This is one of the reasons our company has so many referrals from past customers, and we’re known in the business as one of the most reputable suppliers of mobility agents.

Curved Stair Lift - SPIRAL Staircase LiftOur testimonial page, which is on our website and can be accessed by clicking here, tells the story of our commitment to our clients. Janet, a woman that lives in a multi-story residence, was having difficulties maneuvering past the first floor. Not being able to maneuver to various areas of the residence can be frustrating. When she reached out to our company, she described the hardships she was having. One of our specialists recommended that she install a stair lift within the home. Within 48 hours, Janet was able to easily travel up and down stairs with her new stair lift, saving hundreds of dollars by working with our company as opposed to our competitors. If you are also in a similar situation as Janet, then we would recommend also purchasing a stair lift. Our company is capable of providing a stair lift for any type of stair design. One of the products that is recommended is the Curved Stair Lift – SPIRAL Staircase Lift, which is designed—as the name suggests—to help you reach the upper floors on curved design stairs. This stair lift offers the option of seating material plus the color of the metal.

A second testimonial that demonstrates our commitment to our customers is Mary. Mary was spending time in her timeshare on Hollywood Beach, Florida when she encountered a problem: her power wheelchair was malfunctioning. As one can imagine, it can be scary having a problem with a product when on vacation in an unfamiliar area. Within a few hours of her contacting our company for help, a professional technician arrived to respond to address her issue. After diagnosing the issue, the technician located the problem—her battery was not functioning correctly. It took our technician an hour to handle the problem. This allowed Mary and her husband to return to their leisurely vacation. Our company allows service on vehicles in each state within our country. For those in the market for a power wheelchair to take on vacation, one of our most reliable models is the Heartway USA Rumba S Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair, a travel power wheelchair. This model offers the choice of two batteries, 12V 36Ah, which allows a travel range of up to 20 miles, or the 12V 50Ah, which allows a travel range of 28 miles without an additional charge. The Heartway USA Rumba S Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair also has a maximum speed of 4.4 miles; a weight capacity of 300 lbs.; and a turning radius of 31”.

Amigo RD SHABBAT Mobility ScooterDr. Harold, one of our clients, worked as a cardiovascular surgeon before he retired. Harold mainly used his scooter when having to travel longer distances. However, he encountered a problem with his mobility scooter that left him incapable of covering longer distances—disappointing having come use to the benefits that the mobility scooter offered him. Despite being especially busy when he contacted our company, we were able to send a professional technician within 24 hours of his call to diagnose the problem. Within a couple ours of their arrival at Harold’s residence, his mobility scooter was up and running, just as good when he first purchased it. Needless to say, Harold was ecstatic with our service. For customers that are interested in a mobility scooter similar to Harold’s, check out our Amigo RD SHABBAT Mobility Scooter. This model is versatile, capable of doing several things very well. It can handle tough terrain, such as beaten down sidewalks or slippery floors. The maximum speed on the model is 5.9 mph; it has a 34” turning radius; a weight capacity of 350 lbs.; and a travel range of 35 miles. This model is in high demand, but we’re still offering a 10 percent discount on the model. Originally with an MSRP of $2695, we’re selling the Amigo RD SHABBAT Mobility Scooter for $2430.

Purchasing Your Mobility Scooter or Power Wheelchair Today

Our company has a vast inventory of models to choose from, which can be filtered by key attributes that make life easier. The type of mobility agents we offer are the following for mobility scooters and power wheelchairs: Travel, Full Size, Heavy Duty or Folding. Each of these categories can be filtered to ensure the most accurate model is selected. The available filters are travel range, max speed, weight capacity, total weight, shipping, price range, and brand.

In addition to the easy search abilities, our representatives are also available to handle any questions or to point you in the direction of the best model for your lifestyle. We have normal business hours. A representative can be reached by e-mail, LiveChat or calling us directly at (877) 721-7748. When speaking to an agent, ask about our excellent warranties offered on our various models. Like the testimonials showcased, these warranties ensure that if you have an issue with anyone of our products, a professional technician will quickly come to your residence and provide the necessary alterations to ensure that your model will not have troubles again. These warranties are on all of our products, ranging from staircase lifts to mobility scooters and accessories.

Discover why we have such loyal customers today! We promise 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. To visit our website, follow the following link: