The 3 Best Vehicle Lifts Available Online

If you’re shopping online and looking for one of the best and most durable vehicle lifts for your mobility scooter or power chair there is quite a large selection of mobility scooter lifts and power wheelchair lifts that are available online for motor vehicles. So in order to help you narrow down your selection we have created a list below with 3 of the best vehicle lifts that are available online for purchase.

The 3 Best Vehicle Lifts To Choose From

The 3 vehicle lifts listed below are listed based upon our opinion, some may feel other models are more preferred however these tend to be the more popular and reliable models we have seen and sold.

AL160 Profile Scooter Vehicle Lift


The AL160 Profile Scooter Vehicle Lift by Harmar is a great choice if you’re looking for a vehicle lift that is not only reliable but durable as well. Compatible with a class I, II or III hitch, The AL160 27.5” x 23” platform is capable of lifting most travel and full size mobility scooters and can sustain a weight capacity of 350 lbs. Weighing 74 lbs it is very easy to install, going on the outside of the rear end of the vehicle. Available online with a 3 year transferable warranty The AL160 Profile Scooter Vehicle Lift by Harmar is one of the best vehicle lift you don’t want to miss out on.

AL600 Hybrid Wheelchair And Scooter Vehicle Lift

The AL 600 Hybrid Wheelchair and Scooter Vehicle Lift is built by Harmar and is one of the best best vehicle lifts that operate from the inside of your SUV or Van. Equipped with a standard 28.5“ x 38” platform, The AL 600 Hybrid Wheelchair and Scooter Vehicle lift by Harmar is capable of lifting up to 350 lbs maximum weight capacity and handles most travel and full size scooters and most power wheelchairs. In case your mobility product is a little bigger in size but still meets the weight standard, There is an option available for a longer width attachment on the platform going up to 50”. Available with a 3 year transferable warranty, The AL600 is one of the best lifts available onlione.

BackPacker Plus Vehicle Lift


The BackPacker Plus Vehicle Lift designed and built by Pride Mobility is another excellent choice if you’re searching for one of the best inside vehicle lifts on the market. The BackPacker Plus by Pride Mobility comes with a 41” x 27” platform capable of lifting as much as 350 lbs as a maximum weight capacity. Weighing 155 lbs The BackPacker Plus is installed inside your SUV or van for maximum life and reliability. This model is another durable vehicle lift that comes with a 3 year backed warranty and works for most mobility scooters and power chairs available online.

Ready To Make Your Final Purchase

Now that you have a selection of what I feel are the best vehicle lifts for mobility scooters or power chairs, are you ready to decide on a purchase? In case you are interested in seeing a wider selection of mobility scooter or power chairs vehicle lifts there are way more models available online. Hopefully this article was able to help you make your final decision in purchasing the best vehicle lift available online, Thanks for reading.

Andrew Fatalo is the owner of Statewide Mobility Inc & Mobility Scooters Direct. He has been in the mobility product industry since 2005 and knows a ton about e-commerce marketing. He gives back to the handicap community by hosting mobility scooter and electric wheelchair give-aways which you can learn more about by following his companies on Facebook.