Want the Most Life Out of Your Mobility Scooter?


Looking to get the most life out of your mobility scooter or having trouble getting your mobility scooter to perform to its full potential? Believe it or not there are things you can do that can help get you more life out of your mobility scooter and also help you avoid situations where you would breakdown and need a new battery in an untimely manner.  In this article I will help you prevent having issues in the future and also how you can get the most life out of your handicap scooter.

There are many things that can prevent your mobility scooter from performing at its top potential. Some may not realize some key factors can prevent your mobility scooter from driving up to maximum speed, lasting up to its maximum travel range, going up inclines, taking a full charge or even prevent the motor from operating. Something you want to pay attention to after you purchase a new mobility scooter is making sure once your first full charge is complete, that the battery powered mobility scooter can sustain its power and performance. Now if it does not turn on or does not run to its full speed, attempt to fully charge the batteries one more time. If the problem fails to cease call your authorized dealer or sales person and have them get you a replacement. Another thing you will want to avoid doing is constantly driving up hill or on inclines. Doing so puts more strain on your mobility scooter than it would normally handle and can not only cause your batteries to drain quicker, but it can also ruin your motor leaving you stranded while going uphill. Another thing to remember, whatever mobility scooter brand you decide to purchase, make sure you only use the charger you were provided or one that is of the same amp age. Using a charger with a different amp age can result in your batteries no longer working and also leave you stranded if you’re in the middle of a drive.

If you’re looking to see your elderly mobility scooter perform at its top potential or even past its standard ability there are a few things you can do to keep it in its best shape for the longest amount of time possible. First and foremost, if you’re in the process of purchasing a mobility scooter make sure its weight capacity can hold a at least 50 lbs over your weight. Doing so puts less strain on your mobility scooter, The more weight your mobility can support will usually result in a higher performance expectancy, some of the more high performance scooters available online would be heavy duty or full size mobility scooters to help give you more of an idea of what to look for. Although it may say a certain weight limit, going to the max weight at all times can put strain not only on your battery life but also your motors performance. Before going on your first ride of the day, check the battery meter to make sure your mobility scooter is fully charged. Leaving the house on anything less than full power just means you raise the chance losing power in a quicker amount of time. For users that use there mobility scooters for a good amount of their daily activities, your batteries will last you up to about a year and half to two years before a replacement is needed again. To ensure top performance or beyond the normal, Some advanced mobility scooter models come with a secondary battery option. If that is the case with the model you’re considering I would highly recommend taking the option for the bigger battery. Not only will your durable mobility scooter have more mileage added to its battery life, but it will also give you’re mobility scooter an extra push. Some affordable mobility scooters actually have the ability to hold more weight with upgraded batteries or just overall perform better. No matter what batteries you decide on there will be a time when you need to replace your batteries and in doing so you can always choose different batteries online.

Now That You Know

So now that you have read this article do you feel like you have a little bit more of an understanding when it comes to sustaining the most life out of your mobility scooter? Everything presented in this article will help you get the best performance you ever thought possible with your mobility scooter so make sure to follow the precautions presented otherwise you could end up stranded with a dead mobility scooter. Thank you for reading and good luck finding your future mobility scooter!