Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lifts

If you are searching for the best Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter vehicle lifts, our nationwide store is the top place to shop for these products.

Andy R. recently purchased the Jazzy Zero Turn by Pride from Mobility Scooters Direct for his 84-year-old mother to better enjoy outings.

” We had a full day shopping and visiting outlet malls the other day, and the Jazzy scooter was awesome!” Andy said. “She loves it.”

Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter

Andy said he highly recommends the “outstanding product.”

For many people who purchase the Jazzy Zero Turn disability scooter, they find it helpful to pair the product with a quality vehicle lift.

The vehicle lift makes storage of the 4 wheel mobility scooter easy, as the person can travel from one place to another with ease.

This article will recommend the Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift, the Pride Outlander DE (Double Entry) Vehicle Lift and the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift. Each product is an industry best for their ease of use and robust design.

The Jazzy Zero Turn Scooter is a Revolutionary Product

The Jazzy Zero Turn provides users with outstanding turning radius. It is equipped with two motors. One motor powers each set of wheels.

Having these two motors work against one another provides a turn from its own power axis.

The Jazzy Zero Turn disability scooter has the turning radius of a 3 wheel mobility scooter. The driver can make sharp turns with ease having a 38″ inch turning radius.

Nancy M. has watched the effect the product has had on her husband. The 84-year-old man has limited mobility due to his shortness of breath and arthritis. He is able to travel with ease now that he has the Jazzy Zero Turn scooter.

The product has clear strengths in comparission to other mobility scooters on the market. “The short radius of turns,” Nancy said. “Easy in tight situations.”

The Pride mobility scooter has robust performance. With a 24V motor, it can reach maximum speeds of 4 miles per hour. The long distance disability scooter, with 12V 22AH sealed lead acid batteries, can cover up to 10 miles per complete charge.

The Jazzy Zero Turn by Pride weighs 148.5 lbs. yet has a 300 lbs. weight capacity. The weight makes it perfect for a variety of the best mobility scooter lifts.

Strong Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift for Seniors

The Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift is a robust elderly vehicle lift made from the best parts. It has a slim style with a highly adjustable base, which allows for easy application for the best user experience.

The Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift is compatible with many disability scooters. It works excellently with the Pride disability scooter.

The Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift weight capacity depends on the version purchased. It can either lift a 260 lbs. product or 440 lbs. mobility scooter.

Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The weight of the product is either 22 lbs. or 29 lbs., depending upon the version purchased. The platform length is between 16″ inches and 24″ inches.

Regardless of the version, it is easy to remove when not in use, especially if a person needs to transfer the product from one vehicle to another. It is recommended for full-size vans, minivans, SUVs or Crossovers.

When using the Pride Mobility Zeus AutoLift, it is as easy as a push of a button. The wired hand control is simple to use, including the features of the product.

Pride Outlander DE (Double Entry) Vehicle Lift has Plenty of Power

The Pride Outlander DE (Double Entry) Vehicle Lift is compatible with a variety of vehicles, such as most minivans, trucks, and SUVs. It works with Class II and Class III hitches.

The Pride vehicle lift has a hitch height that is between 12″ inches and 20″ inches. The platform size is 51″ inches in length and 27″ inches in width.

The product weighs 84 lbs. Pride delivers the product with all of the parts, which makes installation simple and quick. It is a reliable product, as each of these parts are high quality.

Pride Outlander DE Vehicle Lift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The quality vehicle lift has a lifting capacity of 350 lbs. It pairs excellently with most power wheelchairs and mobility scooters, especially the Jazzy Zero Turn.

Alex G. has found tremendous value from the Pride Outlander DE (Double Entry) Vehicle Lift since his purchase.

Alex, 80-years-old, has arterial scleroses, which affects small arteries that carry nutrients and blood to the cells. Symptoms differ with the malady, but Alex has limited walking.

“Without this carrier, I was left staying around the house,” Alex said. “Without any help and with little strength my cart is loaded and unloaded in minutes without tying down or untying. It does it all.”

AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift is Easy to Install

Lastly, our nationwide store recommends the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift.

The vehicle lift has a large aluminum deck to securely hold disability scooters. It is bigger than normal — 36″ inches by 39″ inches — with adjustable cradles, which can extend up to 53″ inches.

To the disbelief of many customers, the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift weighs 102 lbs., which makes the product easy to install.

AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift

It works best with Class III hitches, with heights between 5″ inches and 18″ inches.

The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift is powered by a battery, which is hardwired into the device. It works efficiently for years following the date of purchase.

What are the Best Mobility Scooter Lifts for the Jazzy Zero Turn?

This article recommends the best mobility scooter lifts for the Jazzy Zero Turn. These three lift systems are robust and easy to install. The products are compatible with a majority of the vehicles on the market.

Our products are competitively price, providing budget friendly solutions to cash-strapped seniors. Many customers wonder how our nationwide store can offer high quality products at such low price.

“Once a customer contacts us, if they have been shopping and advise us of an official quote that is lower than our published prices on our website, we are able to beat that price,” our website provides. “Our business structure is setup with minimum overhead and allows us to pass these savings onto the customer.”