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Fast Five: The Five Fastest Mobility Scooters

Note: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are discontinued, make sure to visit our website’s home page to see our most up-to-date selection of mobility products.

Have The Need For Speed?

For the new mobility scooter owner, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory can be applied with respect to their evolution. In the beginning, the customer is just looking to satisfy their need for travel. Details aren’t important—just get me in and out as soon as possible. Once these needs are met with a reliable mobility scooter, the owner then begins to accept their improved lifestyle and seek to further their contentment. This often occurs after three to nine months of ownership.

As their additional needs are being met, such as the inclusion of vital and useful accessories on their mobility scooters, the person may soon be reaching the point where they become a connoisseur of the mobility scooter. They are up-to-date on the latest advances and news from the mobility scooter forefront. The person will see themselves having to charge their model less, zipping away in a sporty color, or purchasing a second model that is useful in travel. Commonly, the stay-at-home dad or the busy professional often is busy with various tasks and seek to improve their productivity by having a faster model of mobility scooter when they need to travel.

This article will assist those who are seeking self-actualization—in regards to mobility scooters—and provide assistance in the selection of the fastest mobility scooters on today’s market. Our inventory is always improving, and since the publication of this article, they may be a faster model from our company. Without intending so, one of the best parts about this list is that each model doesn’t only excel in top speed — they each are among the top models in other specs as well.

From Our Vast Inventory, the Fastest Mobility Scooters

Our search for the fastest mobility scooters begins with the E-Wheels EW-36 which is one of the most popular models that are known for having high speeds. This sleek-looking scooter goes up to 18 MPH and can travel up to a staggering 45 miles on a full charge! While the EW-36 is considered a “recreational scooter” many customers buy them to help with mobility. Most of the scooters made by E-Wheels use a hand-brake system similar to a bicycle which is unlike most other scooters that have automatic brakes (electr0-magnetic brakes) that engage as soon as you let go of the throttle. To learn more about this awesome scooter, visit the EW-36 scooter product page on our web store.  You may also watch the short demo video below – or call us to speak with a friendly sales expert.

The next model on our list is the Drive Cobra GT4 Mobility Scooter – 4-Wheel. While this article is focusing on maximum speed, which the Drive Cobra GT4 Mobility Scooter – 4 Wheel is capable of reaching 10 mph, the model also has other excellent specs. Coming in color silver and black, the model offers a travel range of 35 miles! Therefore, you can travel to where you want, when you want, at breakneck speeds without worrying about having to recharge the Group 24 – 12v 75ah battery. The model has a weight capacity of 450 lbs. and a turning radius of 82”. To learn more about this awesome looking speedy mobility scooter, visit the Cobra mobility scooter page on our website store or give us a call. You may also watch the demo video below provided by the manufacturer.

Our third recommended mobility scooter with the fastest speeds is the Raptor Mobility scooter by Pride Mobility. This fast mobility scooter with 3-wheels is capable of supporting up to 400 lbs and can travel up to 14 MPH. The Raptor is capable of going up to 31 miles on a full charge which makes this a perfect option for long-distance traveling. This model has a really neat design featuring a storage container under the seat, LED headlights and more. To learn more about this high-speed disability scooter, call or chat with one of our live agents. You can also visit the Raptor Mobility Scooter product page to see all of the specifications, download the user manual or purchase the Raptor right from our website.

Pride Mobility Raptor Heavy Duty Scooter

Our fourth recommended high-speed mobility scooter is the Zoome 418cs which is a 4 wheel model with a very unique look. It offers bright headlights and rear lights, rearview mirrors and much more. The Zoome R418 CS scooter is made by Drive Medical – one of the worlds leading mobility product manufacturers. This model comes with a 1-year in-home service contract which will cover repairs and parts if your unit malfunctions. The R418 CS scooter can go up to 15 MPH and can travel up to 45 miles on a full charge. The weight capacity of the Zoomer R418CS is 400 lbs, making it a heavy-duty mobility scooter that is capable of going high speeds. This is a great unit to consider if you’re searching for something that can hold up to 400 lbs and still satisfies the need for speed. To learn more about this amazing scooter, you can visit the Zoome 418 scooter product page which has all of the specifications, images, financing options and pricing available.

Zoome R418CS 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Finally, our last recommended mobility scooter that goes fast is… drum roll, please… The Afikim Afiscooter C! This 3 wheeled mobility scooter comes in blue or silver and has a top speed of 9.3 mph with a travel range of up to 25 miles! This unique scooter is made by Afikim which is a very reputable manufacturing company based out of Israel. Many customers love the Afiscooter for its comfortable seat, smooth ride and big tires that allow you to go on grassy terrains. While this Heavy Duty Scooter is considered a recreational scooter, many customers still find value in this scooter when using it to regain mobility. We have many financing options available for this HD scooter and you can view all of the specifications on the product page for the Afiscooter C.  You may also watch the demo video below to see the scooter in action!

Choosing a Fast Mobility Scooter That is Affordable

During the week, many customers rely on their mobility scooters to travel to and from work. On the other hand, on the weekends, they usually enjoy hanging out with my close friends or my family, including both children or grandchildren. Children are known to be energetic, whether you are obese, disabled, or have no physical ailments it can be hard to keep up. For many customers, it is important that they can keep up with their beloved family members where ever they may choose to go. This is where our mobility scooters can provide a solution.

In order to ensure that you find a scooter that is in your budget and also going to suit your specific needs, we recommend speaking with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. The sales representatives at Mobilityscootersdirect.com are trained to help you find the perfect scooter that will fit your needs. Unlike other companies, our sales representatives are not motivated by commission, they are solely here to help you find the perfect scooter for your needs and they are not pushy at all.

If you require additional guidance, feel free to initiate a LiveChat or call our company directly at (877) 721-7748, where you can speak with one of our specialist from the company who are more than capable of answering any question you can imagine.