The Benefits of Having a Pool Lift


Swimming pools are outstanding recreational areas, but it is important to remember that not everyone can enjoy it in the same way. While we may take the ability to swim in the deep end or leap off the high dive for granted, there are those who suffer from disabilities stemming from either injury, genetics, or some other unfortunate circumstance. Finding ways to get these people involved in the swimming activities is vital, but it is not always practical. The obvious solution however, is to make use of a handicapped pool lift. So what is a pool lift? How does it work? What benefits can it have for you? There are several different types of pool lifts that you might choose to employ which we will go over in the next few paragraphs.

What is a Handicap Pool Lift?

A pool lift for handicapped people is a mechanized seat which is tasked with raising and lowering a disabled or injured person into a swimming pool. This seat usually features some type of restraint to keep the individual in question from leaving the seat voluntarily or from simply falling off.

Permanent Pool Lift: At certain pools, especially those at therapy centers a permanent pool lift can be installed on the edge of a concrete pool and will always be available. The downside to installing this type of structure however is that you will not be able to move it, and it may serve as a constant obstacle in the pool. Additionally children who use the pool may tend to see it as a sort of play structure. That being the case, this would not be a good addition for a community pool that is constantly busy.

Portable Pool Lift: This type of pool lift is usually on wheels and utilizes a hydraulic system to raise and lower the seat. It can be placed anywhere around the pool, or it can be placed in storage in the event it is not being used. This makes the portable pool lift preferable for public pools or even pools that are used for competitive sports at some point.

The most noteworthy difference between the portable pool lift and the regular pool lift, of course, is the fact that the built-in model will be able to handle far more weight. This might seem trivial, but some patients are overweight through no fault of their own, and this can put serious stress on the portable pool lift. Still, there are many benefits to being able to place the portable pool lift wherever you choose as opposed to having it stuck in the same place. It is even more beneficial to be able to move it between an indoor and outdoor pool if you so desire. The possibilities are virtually endless.

The Ultimate Benefits of a Pool Lift

Now that you know what a pool lift is, what exactly are the benefits? Why would you want to incorporate one into your own pool? First of all, giving everyone the chance to enjoy the water should be at the top of your priority list. If, for example, you are running a pool that charges membership fees, you will earn far more by giving every single child the chance to ‘swim’. There are some pool managers who might charge a convenience fee for use of the pool lift, but simply having it is bound to draw more business to your establishment, so ultimately it is entirely up to you.

If you are dealing with your own pool, you will find that there are plenty of other benefits to be associated with having a pool lift, particularly if you have disabled children or family members. If they are able to swim using their upper bodies, the pool lift will be able to drop them into the water, and they will be able to swim free of it, participating in pool activities without the need for the pool stairs. It is generally recommended(or required) however that the pool lift not be used in water that exceeds forty-eight inches.

It is strongly recommended that the swimming pool have an alternate exit for the event that the chair lift fails, or for some reason the user cannot remount it. The exit would generally be a wider and longer set of stairs that can be navigated by a disabled person, but you also have the option of installing a ramp that can be more easily used.

Health Benefits of Swimming

The health benefits of swimming simply cannot be denied. All healthcare professionals agree that swimming is an outstanding way to stave off chronic illness such as Fibromyalgia and others that encompass pain as a regular side effect. In addition to that it is known that swimming is good for the prevention of mental illness and other negative mental conditions. These of course include depression and anxiety. Swimming is, therefore, an outstanding and highly recommended activity for everyone whether they suffer from a medical condition or not. It is a great preventative treatment, and with the advent of these lifts, it becomes accessible to anyone who wishes to try.

All you need to do is choose the model you want and see that it is properly installed. Before you know it, everyone will be able to enjoy the magnificence of the swimming pool and they will most certainly have fun. In addition to the health benefits, swimming is downright fun and something that everyone should experience whether it is outside on a warm summer day, or in an indoor pool in the midst of winter. The choices are endless, from locations to the types of lifts that you can purchase for your poolside assistance arsenal. No matter who you are or what condition you are in, there is no reason you should not enjoy the water!