Wholesale Mobility Scooter Acquisition

A wholesale mobility scooter acquisition can change your life.

Many past customers can attest to the value a mobility scooter comes to play in their lives. But how about for a person who wins a mobility scooter via our monthly scooter giveaway? Consider the following, per our website:

Junior is a special customer of ours. When we first launched our website, we announced of our quarterly mobility scooter giveaway. Junior took the time to complete the instructions in order to be considered for the mobility scooter giveaway. We received a letter from Junior and we were completely touched. Junior was our first giveaway winner. He is so grateful that we give back to the community. As we are all a business and we have to profit in order to stay in business, we also believe in giving back to the community. Now that Junior has his new Pride Mobility Go Go Sport mobility scooter, he can get around his community and maintain an active lifestyle. Since our giveaway with Junior, we have retained many more customers because of our knowledge and thrive to help our customers any which way we can. Thank you Junior for joining the Mobility Scooters Direct family and your lifetime business.

Junior is just one of our lucky customers who’ve won our mobility scooters during our monthly scooter giveaway. He’s add simplicity to his life since the acquisition, and is just one among our legions of success stories.

The Best Wholesale Mobility Scooter Acquisition

Mobility scooters change lives—that much is apparent. However, what are the best wholesale mobility scooter acquisitions? Each of the following models that will be recommended hold high post purchase customer satisfaction and are priced at a wholesale discount.

The Heartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter is a sporty model that has a sleek appearance perfect for indoor and outdoor travel. When in operation, this mobility scooter can reach speeds of 12 mph, easily having the driver reach the intended destinations at half of the time of other mobility scooters. The model comes equipped with a sport seat that can handle minor bumps in the road without sacrificing on comfort.

The turning radius of this model is 50”; the travel range is either 20 or 31 miles, depending upon the battery; and the weight capacity of 350 lbs. We’re currently offering this mobility scooter at a wholesale price of $3775, which is on nearly a 50 percent discount. If you are approved for easy financing, this model can be purchased for $332 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

A second model to check out is the lightweight Ventura Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. This value buy is perfect for people who travel with their mobility scooter often and need to store their vehicle easily. Including the battery, this lightweight scooter is 153 lbs. It uses four wheel driver to have the owner arrive safely at their destination.

This affordable mobility scooter has a maximum speed of 4 mph; a travel range of 15 miles; and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It can also come with additional accessories, such as a weatherproof cover (free) and an oxygen tank holder ($55). You can save $1700 from the MSRP by purchasing this mobility scooter from our company for $1599. This product is also available for financing starting at $141 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

A luxurious heavy-duty model to consider is the Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter. Consider the following from the product description page:

It is also one of the toughest, reliable and fastest mobility scooters on the market. The King Cobra was designed to carry 450 pounds so that should speak for its durability. The king cobra has a full suspension including the front and rear with pneumatic tires. A total light package, that no matter how many people are on the road they will see you with the ultra bright LED system on the front and rear. Drive Medical has gone intuitive by adding a USB port to charge your mobile devices and more. One more key feature is the integrated upholder molded in to the tiller of the mobility scooter. A large 22″ captains style seat with high back and head rest will ensure comfort with the massive amount of legroom supported by this particular unit. The King Cobra gets its unique name because of the appearance and how the tiller articulates like a cobras head and or body.

This model can be purchased in red for $5249—saving the customer over $4700. Also available for easy approval financing, the model from Drive Medical starts at $462 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Lastly, consider the EV Rider SportRider 20K 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter—the model that Junior “really needed,” and ultimately acquired through our sweepstakes! This is a cool model that customers rave over because it has a similar appearance to a badass motorcycle. It comes equipped with a 360 degree captain seat, the leading seat for comfort today.

Junior is capable of covering vast territory with a maximum speed of 12.3 mph, regardless of the terrain. The mobility scooter, for example, travels up steep hills at the speed to the envy of nearby walkers. Other performance details include a turning radius of 43”; a travel range of 25-30 miles; and a weight capacity of 350 lbs. If you purchase the model today, you can save $700 from the MSRP, as the mobility scooter is priced for $3905. We also offer easy financing on this model, for 12 months at a 10 percent APR is $344 a month.

Purchase a Mobility Scooter Today!

EV Rider SportRiderVisit our website to purchase one of the previously mentioned mobility scooters. Each are guaranteed to have the lowest price and provide free shipping. For assistance from one of our skilled representatives, engage in a Live Chat or call (877) 721-7748. We’re open Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.