What Are the Best Go Go Mobility Scooters from Pride?

There are many disability scooters on the market. Not all, but there are some that stand out for all of the right reasons.

Customers commonly ask us: What are the best Go Go Mobility Scooters from Pride?

It is hard to choose the best mobility scooters from such a talented selection. However, we love the Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter 4-Wheel and the Pride Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel.

David D. was impressed with the product he received and the customer service our nationwide mobility scooter store provided.

He invested a considerable amount of time before he selected the Pride Go Go Folding Scooter. The product was for his wife.

“So far my wife enjoys the maneuverability,” David said, in his five-star mobility scooter review, “and I enjoy the lightweight, easy loading.”

Tina M. also devoted a considerable amount of her time in research. She selected the Go Go Sport. In her five-star disability scooter review, she was straight to the point regarding her satisfaction.

“Happy to have it,” Tina said, “and it’s great.”

Customers and experts in the industry value these two Pride mobility scooters. Here’s why.

The Best Pride Mobility Scooters for the Disabled

The Pride Go Go folding mobility scooter is a lightweight product that folds in three steps. The feasibility of folding makes the product fantastic for traveling, being among the best mobility scooters for airplanes.

The Pride disability scoter can take the driver around the neighborhood with ease. It is a fun product to bring to the mall to bond with friends and family while shopping at the stores.

Its 32” turning radius makes the Go Go scooter perfect for maneuvering within the home. The GoGo scooter, having the tight turning abilities and a 19” overall width, can easily navigate around furniture without damaging it.

The GoGo Scooter has good performance. The quality mobility scooter can reach speeds as fast as 4 miles per hour.

The folding mobility scooter comes equipped with 12V 12AH batteries, capable of covering 9 miles to 12 miles per complete charge. Increasing the value of the GoGo mobility scooter is the non-spillable batteries, which are accepted on most airplanes for travel.

The travel range makes it among the best mobility scooters for theme parks. Features like the full lighting package ensure on lengthy trips that go into the evening, the driver will be able to travel safely, regardless if he or she is in Disney World or rolling along outside while walking the dog.

The Go Go mobility scooter has a foldable, compact vinyl-covered seat. It is comfortable and looks stylish with the model that has a clean white color. The quality mobility scooter weighs less than 52 lbs. while having a weight capacity supporting 250 lbs.

The Go Go Sport is a Pride Mobility product that comes in a compact model. The travel mobility scooter has three wheels, capable of tight maneuvering, with a 36” turning radius. It is excellent for indoor travel, such as in an office where space is limited.

The Pride Go Go Sport has strong performance. It can reach maximum speeds of nearly 5 mph. The long distance mobility scooter is equipped with 12V 18AH batteries, which enables the product to cover more than 12 miles per complete charge.

Pride Go-Go Sport Mobility Scooter 3-WheelThe lightweight travel disability scooter weighs 120 lbs. but it can support a weight capacity of 325 lbs. The weight capacity is perfect for our obese customers looking for a sleek product perfect for vacations and daily travel.

Contributing to the travel abilities of the 3 wheel disability scooter is the easy disassembly process. The Pride GoGO can come apart in five pieces, which makes the mobility scooter for traveling simple to transport from one place to another.

When on errands in town, for instance, the driver will feel safe and content on the Go-Go scooter, having rear-wheel drive and a 3” ground clearance. The 6” incline rating ensures the driver can confidently access speed bumps, handicapped ramps or any other low incline entrance way it may encounter.

In these errands in town, the driver will feel comfortable with the 20” seat width, along with the extensive leg room. Tall customers love the Go-Go Sport for this reason.

The LED headlight on the 3 wheel mobility scooter illuminates the night if the driver needs to walk the dog, for instance, or take the product around a local park to chat with a visiting friend.

The GoGo Scooter has 3” by 8” solid tires in the front and 3” by 9” wheels in the rear. Often in the evening, beaten down sidewalks have bumps that are not visibility apparent, even with bright lights. The wheels equipped on the Go Go travel mobility scooter will keep the driver safe on these beaten down sidewalks and other terrains.

Where Can I Buy an Affordable Pride Mobility Scooter?

For prospective customers looking for one of the best Pride mobility scooters, they have found the right place. Mobility Scooters Direct is among the top outlets in the industry for Pride products.

Our team is happy to answer additional questions on these Pride disability scooters, along with offering recommendations on a variety of other products. To speak with a skilled technician, please call (877) 721-7748. We are also available to talk on our website, with our live chat feature.

The hours of operation for our nationwide mobility scooter store are between 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on weekdays. Mobility Scooters Direct has weekend hours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

These hours can be adjusted to fit the needs of our customers. All he or she needs to do is ask. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the values of our company.

“Bottom line and from the heart, we are good people making differences in peoples lives,” a recent Mobility Scooters Direct Facebook article said. “If you are looking for great advice and expert product knowledge, you are safe with us.”