Two FreeRider Disability Scooters That Exceed Expectations

When a customer shops for a quality mobility scooter, they should feel empowered by the service and selection offered. Our nationwide mobility scooter store is constantly achieving that aim.

Some of the products that we recommend are from the company FreeRider. This article will highlight two FreeRider disability scooters that exceed expectations.

Our store has such an incredible selection of mobility scooters for traveling that it is hard to narrow down the options and focus on only two models.

However, the FreeRider FR1 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter and the Luggie Super Folding Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter are two disability scooters that previous customers have raved about.

Purchase a FreeRider Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

A previous customer whose goes by the alias, Shoparound, recently awarded the FR1 a five star mobility scooter review. As his or her name implies, the previous customer has been searching for a quality mobility scooter that exceeds his expectations.

FreeRider FR1“This one is gorgeous, beautiful, [and has] futuristic looks and features,” said Shoparound, in his verified review. The customer said the price and the operation of the handicapped mobility scooter are excellent.

“Strongly recommend it!” said Shoparound.

The FR1 is an impressive option for people who need a product that is reliable and offers excellent performance.

The maximum speed of the disability scooter, which is equipped with a 24V DC motor, reaches nearly 10 mph.

The FR1 has 12V 75AH lead acid batteries. The long distance mobility scooter can cover 26 miles per complete charge.

The weight capacity on the scooter for the disabled is 400 lbs., which is ideal for our customers who are obese. Never again, with the FR1, will our morbidly obese customers have to worry about an inferior mobility scooter breaking down due to inability to transport his or her weight.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter has a 17” seat that is comfortable and supportive, too. Considering that the FR1 also is equipped with pneumatic 13″ front and rear tires, it is hard to similar mobility scooters to compete with this product.

The affordable mobility scooter is currently listed for $4,199, which reflects a discount of 15 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the heavy duty mobility scooter starts at $370 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Our customers also include additional accessories with the purchase of this 4 wheel mobility scooter. A common addition is the weather proof cover, $150, which protects the driver from poor weather conditions as there are few things more irritating than getting soaked by a rain cloud.

The awesome looking mobility scooter comes in orange, red, white (ivory) or gray.

The Luggie, another fantastic selection from our nationwide mobility scooter store, fits neatly in a variety of categories. For instance, it is a heavy duty mobility scooter; it is a folding mobility scoter; and it is certainly one of the best travel mobility scooters. Few competing products can assert those classifications while being among the best in the market for each.

Kel awarded the Luggie a five-star rating on her mobility scooter review. She has owned several travel mobility scooters and is constantly frustrated by the drawbacks each of the products brought to the table. Some were too heavy, too difficult to disassemble or did not provide good performance when traveling.

“This one is perfect,” said Kel.

She enjoys using the Luggie whenever an opportunity presents itself. It is simple to use, especially when she travels by ship or airplane, which is frequently for her.

The Luggie is equipped with a 24-volt DC motor, with sealed mini-transaxle rear wheel drive. The product reaches a nearly 5 mph maximum speed.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter has 10.5 AH lithium batteries and can cover 11 miles per complete charge.

The Luggie is lightweight, being 67 lbs. without the 5 lbs. battery, while being capable of hold a weight capacity of 360 lbs.

Luggie Super Folding Heavy Duty Mobility ScooterWe have a fantastic sale going on with this cheap mobility scooter. The Luggie is on a 30 percent discount from the MSRP, as the product is listed for $2,999.

The Luggie can also be purchased using our simple financing options, which for the scooter for the disabled starts at $264 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The awesome looking mobility scooter comes in three eye-catching colors: champagne, cherry or yellow.

The Luggie can also be acquired with added accessories. Customers have spoken highly about the spare battery, $749.99, as it has made their travels much easier.

Being 5 lbs., it is not an inconvenience for the owner to carry the 10.5 AH spare battery with them while on the folding mobility scooter. Being lightweight, it is simple to place in a bag; or better yet, an additional folding basket, $59.99.

The combination of these two accessories make the purchase one of the best offerings from our nationwide mobility scooter stores. Travel without restraints, today!

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