The Shoprider Escape 4 is a Best Travel Mobility Scooter

If you thought about purchasing a disability scooter, then let me tell you about the Shoprider Escape 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

The Shoprider Escape 4 is a best travel mobility scooter. It is the perfect companion for a person who has mobility issues, yet seeks to enjoy life.

It offers excellent performance and durability. The awesome looking mobility scooter has a sleek design that will provide the best first impressions on family, friends and coworkers.

Our nationwide store offers the affordable mobility scooter at factory direct prices. Therefore, we subtract the middleman and give our customers the lowest price on the market for the cheap mobility scooter.

What is the Best Travel Mobility Scooter?

Customer satisfaction is paramount to our success. We do not offer any products from our nationwide elderly scooter store without the confidence that they will exceed our customers’ expectations.

the best travel mobility scooter: Shoprider Escape 4-Wheel Mobility ScooterDavid P., who is a verified buyer, awarded the Shoprider Escape 4 a five-star mobility scooter review. David has found tremendous value from his purchase. He uses the product frequently.

“I love the scooter,” David said.

There are many reasons to love this travel disability scooter. The Shoprider Escape 4 has an attractive design, delivers reliable performance and comes with the best features.

The Shoprider Escape 4 can disassemble into five pieces in a few quick steps. These lightweight pieces can comfortably fit into the trunk of a car or the back of an SUV.

Upon taking the 4 wheel mobility scooter apart, the most substantial piece weighs a mere 33 lbs.

The Shoprider Escape 4 comes in two color options. There is an attractive burgundy tone that the 4 wheel mobility scooter can be purchased in or eye-catching blue color.

The Shoprider Escape 4 will take you places. It delivers a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour.

The scooter for the disabled is equipped with 12V 10AH batteries. It has a travel range that can cover up to 13 miles per complete charge, according to its product page.

The weight capacity on the Shoprider Escape 4 is 250 lbs., which is among the best for travel mobility scooters considering the needs of the obese.

When traveling off the beaten path, the driver will not have to worry about periodic bumps in the way. The Shoprider Escape 4 has an effective 1.5” ground clearance.

On these travels, there may also be hills. With a maximum incline rating of 6 degrees, the driver can confidently travel up those hills with ease.

The scooter for the disabled is a durable product on these bumpy roads or trails. Having to worry about the durability of a mobility scooter can be awful. The driver will be on edge with every bump in the road.

Off the beaten path - Photo by Ghiffari Haris on UnsplashThe Shoprider Escape 4 comes equipped with puncture proof tires and anti-tip wheels. Therefore, the driver need not worry about cracks and slight bumps in the pathway.

On the other hand, when the driver travels indoors with the mobility scooter for traveling, he or she can confidently maneuver between other people and objects.

For instance, with a tight 46” turning radius, the driver can move confidently through busy shopping malls. It is important because our customers commonly have errands with their family members, for instance, purchasing a Halloween costume with young children in the mall.

When navigating with the Shoprider Escape 4, everything the driver needs is within reach. The tiller control feature, the LED battery level indicator, the throttle lever controls, key switch and horn.

The accessibility is one of the reasons the Shoprider Escape 4 is one of the best travel mobility scooters on the market. For simple adjustments, the driver can move the tiller back and forth until it reaches the appropriate distance.

The seat on the quality mobility scooter is thickly cushioned. The driver can go mile after mile of travel without having problems that come with competing inferior mobility scooters with cheaper seats.

Having a comfortable seating arrangement is important. The seat can mean the difference between productive versus painful driving; whether you wake up in the morning, angry and annoyed, or rather excited to travel to where you need to be.

Customers commonly purchase this scooter for the disabled with additional accessories to best personalize the Shoprider Escape 4 for their needs. A common selection is a weatherproof cover.

The weatherproof cover is a durable accessory that will protect the driver from inclement outdoor conditions. Sometimes lousy weather sneaks up on drivers when they are halfway there to the destination.

Instead of traveling to the destination in the pouring rain, the driver can cover him or herself with the weather cover, avoiding the panic that can come in moments of pure awfulness.

The Best Deals on the Shoprider Escape 4 Quality Mobility Scooter

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